A Child Drawing in the Dirt Touches a Recent Team Member

Dec 12 Pastor's TripOver the past couple of weeks World Wide Village has played host to two teams in Haiti. The first team was all senior pastors from across the country and the second team was a group from Nebraska. In order to help us serve God, and team members, better, we like to ask team members to give us feedback about their experience in Haiti. It’s a useful tool internally, but I thought you might like to see what people are saying about their trips to Haiti.

Pastor Brian said, “I expected to see Haiti, but meeting all the people willing to share their challenges and how they are being challenged, has been rich. Walking the road of ministry has been great.”

Pastor Don said, “I dreaded coming, but you have given me another shot of adrenaline.”

Pastor Brett said, “I’ve received more than I could have asked for. Coming here I didn’t think I had anything to offer.”

On the last day of his trip, Ben, a member of the Nebraska team, shared a particularly powerful moment for him. He said he sat down on the playground and a little girl came and sat down beside him. She drew a cross in the dirt and pointed to him. He was pretty choked up about it and felt it was a big God moment.

Comments like these help us at World Wide Village stay energized about what we’re doing in Haiti. Hopefully they also helped moved you toward deciding to take a mission trip yourself. If you feel God nudging you, give us a call at 651-777-6908, or email us at info@worldwidevillage.org, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about the challenges and rewards of answering God’s call to serve on a mission trip.

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