Author: Kim Anderson

Celebrate Haiti!

On May 18th Haitians will celebrate the culture and heritage of their country on Flag Day. Haitians love and take pride in their country. Many of the children in the WWV schools even share that Flag Day is their favorite holiday of the year! As World Wide Village gets ready to celebrate this wonderful holiday, we

Spiritually Investing in Teenage Girls

Education is at the heart of World Wide Village. As a Christian organization this extends far beyond classroom learning. Our desire is that Haitian youth grow not only in intelligence, but also in wisdom and love for the Lord. As World Wide Village has been focusing efforts in the villages of Williamson and Luly, a

May 2018 Field Update

Nikola School: Nikola is a school located in the mountainous regions above Williamson, Haiti.  World Wide Village and wonderful supporters from Apex Efficiency Solutions have been working together to support this small school and help it thrive!  A recent team visited the school, bringing lumber and know-how to build sturdy school desks for the children.  

An Empty Sack Cannot Stand

Pictured: Two students from Armee du Salut on their lunch break There is a popular Haitian proverb that says ‘Sak vid pa kanpe’, which means an empty sack cannot stand.  The “sack” in this proverb is reflective of a sack of flour, from which bread is made. Imagine a sack full of flour standing upright.

April 2018 Field Update

Dedication of House #55: Pictured: Siltamene and family Siltamene is a single mother of six children and two grandchildren. For decades she lived in a house made of pieced together tin and tarps just up the hill past the newly constructed World Wide Village medical center. Siltamene sold produce in the market until she became

Divine Appointment

Pictured: Grace Le Sage in Haiti When Lisa and Grace Le Sage came to Haiti on a short-term Impact Trip, they were more than excited to meet their sponsored student from Armee du Salut. They had a backpack full of snacks, clothes, toys and school supplies and were ready to bless this little girl that

Sandals & Sustainability

Budding entrepreneurs like Nelson Garcon are just the kind of talented young people who are helping Haiti thrive, grow and build sustainability.  Over the last several years, Nelson has been honing his skills making leather sandals, but it hasn’t always been easy. Nelson lives with his mother in rural Williamson. If you’ve been to Haiti

Food Over the Wall

This short story from Wallace Turnbell – a 90-year old missionary friend living in Haiti – is just one example of why we admire and love the Haitian people. Let this story of graciousness, generosity and creativity of the poor be an inspiration to you today as you continue striving to serve the people of

Easter Kites

As we’re celebrating Easter with bunnies, egg hunts and way too much candy, Haiti is celebrating with colorful kites, church services and traditional meals. Though not all areas of Haiti celebrate in the same way, there are several traditions that mark Haitian culture in the days leading up to Easter – a time of celebrating

March 2018 Field Update

Building homes in Haiti: Pictured: Manicia with her three children in front of her old home Manicia – a mother raising three small children alone – was recently blessed with an amazing gift. The gift of a home. Manicia has been working hard to provide for her children, slowly saving money as she can to