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Continuing the Mission in Haiti from Home

As a WWV team member, you have unique insights into the work of WWV and a valuable perspective about life in Haiti. Each step you take to stay involved builds upon your service in Haiti and expands its reach, enabling you to continue serving even after you return home. Here are some ways to stay

Faces of Haiti – Wislaine

We met Wislaine 3 years ago on a prayer walk in Williamson. She was at home with her sister, Mineze, caring for her young son and her nieces and nephews while her mother and other sisters were selling goods in the market to provide for the family.  Wislaine was very sweet and so happy to

February Field Update

WWV Pastors’ Coalition: Pastor Chrisner shared that churches in Williamson, Luly and all around Haiti gathered the evening of January 21st to pray for their country in honor of the 7th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Pastor Ives has been using a model of Biblical soul care (CARE) he learned from WWV partner pastors as

Toxic Charity Part I

“Doing for rather than doing with those in need is the norm. Add to it the combination of patronizing pity and unintended superiority, and charity becomes toxic.” This quote is from the book Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton. It reflects the philosophy of WWV in building sustainable communities by walking alongside those in Haiti. We believe

Verne Family Receives Goats

Many families in Williamson, Haiti have received goats over the last several weeks thanks to donations from our amazing supporters. Our World Wide Village staff caught a short video of one family with their brand new goats. The Verne Family was thrilled to receive these goats – thanks to your generosity – and this gift

Salvain Family Video

Your gifts matter….  $25 can provide two birthing kits to pregnant mothers $59 will feed one child hot lunches for an entire school year $128 will provide one pregnant goat and feed for two months   $538 will pay the salary of one elementary teacher for a year   $1036 will build 33 square feet of the

Kerline’s Song of Praise

Please take a moment to enjoy 9-year old Kerline as she shared a song with us outside one of our WWV mobile medical clinics. The song translated into English is a song of praise and faith. Here are the lyrics: Lord, I believe you are God. Yes, I believe you are the Alpha. I believe

Do Something by Matthew West

I woke up this morning; saw a world full of trouble now. I thought, how’d we ever get so far down; and how’s it ever gonna turn around so I turned my eyes to heaven and thought, God why don’t you do something? I just couldn’t bear the thought of people living in poverty and


We have all seen the photos. Photos of malnourished children in third world countries.  Photos of shacks with tin roofs that house an entire extended family where we can’t even begin to imagine living.  Sometimes we can’t wrap our heads around the fact that these situations really exist and we ask God why. Why are they

Medicine in Haiti

By Dr. Matt Anderson, WWV Medical Director This picture represents both danger and opportunity. The man in this picture is carrying a basket of pills to sell on the streets of Haiti. I’m pretty sure that he is just trying to make a living to support his family and survive. I’m also pretty certain that