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Field Update May 2017

A New Well: What a blessing to witness another World Wide Village well being drilled recently!  The drillers hit water at 80 feet and continued drilling to 210 feet.  Even more exciting was the fact that this new well in Williamson is producing water at 50 gallons per minute. For those of us who know

Reflections on Childbirth

My sister delivered her first baby last month. She went into labor naturally two days after her due date. All the ultrasounds showed a healthy baby boy and the entire family was beyond thrilled that a new baby boy would soon be entering our family. I live 3 hours away from my sister, so as


At 72 years of age, Peresse had lived ten years longer than the average life expectancy in Haiti. I think sometimes we need additional time to fully understand and accept the grace and forgiveness that God offers to each of us. Thankfully God allowed Peresse that extra time. Peresse came into the World Wide Village

Exciting News on the Medical Center!

  Three years ago when World Wide Village listened to leaders in Williamson, Haiti and concerned people like you contributed…the City on a Hill project was launched.   A key component of the multi-year project has always been the medical center.  Over the past month, several key happenings have moved this project forward in exciting

Created to Be a World Changer

“I am the generation called to have BOLD faith, that dares to dream BIG, destined to be EXTRAORDINARY, and created to be a WORLD CHANGER.”   Even though they may be young, these amazing kids are making BIG impact. Enjoy photos of just a few of the children who have blessed Haiti and World Wide

Not Just a Dream

Our short-term teams love prayer walks. They are opportunities to see God working in amazing ways and be a small part of what He is doing in Haiti. Your support of WWV is helping to grow the kingdom of God in amazing ways!  On a recent prayer walk, God clearly had prepared the way as our team

April Field Update 2017

Thanks to you, new baby chicks arrived at Mirielle’s chicken coop a few weeks ago!  Mirielle is gaining ground on developing her skills for keeping these birds healthy while daily rate of gains improve. These 200 babies have consumed 400 pounds of starter feed in less than three weeks. The goal is for the World Wide

World Water Day 2017!

Last April, a group of individuals from central MN came together to experience Haiti. Each day while this team was on the ground they dedicated time to serve the students in Williamson. As the team was serving at the school, they were struck by the small well in the ground on the side of the

Toxic Charity Part II

Another goal of World Wide Village is to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ, with humility. “We are not bringing Christ to poor communities. He has been active in these communities since the creation of the world, sustaining them, Hebrews 1:3 says, by His powerful Word. Hence, a significant part of working in