City on a Hill Project

City on a Hill Project

The mission of World Wide Village is to equip and support families and local churches of Haiti by creating sustainable communities through education, healthcare, housing, and agriculture while sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.

City on a Hill – Williamson (Recurring Donation)

Contribute to the CITY ON A HILL project in Williamson (Recurring Donation).


City on a Hill – Williamson (One-Time Donation)

Contribute to the CITY ON A HILL project in Williamson (One-Time Donation).


City on a Hill is a vision project of World Wide Village that will clearly help fulfill this mission.  In building sustainable communities, World Wide Village always seeks the input of local Haitian leaders before undertaking a project. The vision for City on a Hill came out of a meeting between WWV staff and local Haitian leaders & pastors. World Wide Village asked the following questions:

  • What assets do you have?
  • What are your goals for your community and what would make life better?
  • How can WWV come alongside and help you attain those goals?

These ongoing discussions have led to vision behind City on a Hill – providing healthcare, increased agriculture, vocational training and better housing for the people in Williamson, Haiti. In helping to provide these resources, World Wide Village also seeks to be the light of Christ. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Pillar I: Healthcare

Healthcare Volunteer

Donate to City on a Hill Medical Center!

City on a Hill – Medical Clinic (Recurring Donation)

Contribute to the CITY ON A HILL MEDICAL CLINIC in Williamson (Recurring Donation).


City on a Hill – Medical Clinic (One-Time Donation)

Contribute to the CITY ON A HILL MEDICAL CLINIC in Williamson (One-Time Donation).


NOW, in Haiti…

  • Williamson and its surrounding area have a population of approximately 60,000 with no suitable healthcare or dental facilities. People cannot afford the expensive travel – especially from the surrounding mountains -– to seek healthcare in larger towns.
  • Chronic medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes go untreated because quality care is inaccessible, leading to a low life expectancy and stroke being the #1 cause of death in Haiti.
  • 85% of births in Haiti occur in the home and only 25% of births are attended by a skilled healthcare professional. When a woman encounters a problem during pregnancy, she must travel many miles for help. Often, she and the baby die during labor while seeking medical attention. Pregnant women in Haiti are 25x more likely to die than women in the U.S.
  • Haiti has the highest rate of cervical cancer in the Western Hemisphere.
  • In the desire for improved health, Haitians sometimes turn to voodoo doctors who are untrained and often do more harm than good – both physically and spiritually.

SOON, with your help…

  • PERMANENT MEDICAL CLINIC: A modern clinic can open – staffed by Haitian doctors, nurses and dentists and regularly supplemented by visiting American medical providers.
  • PRE-NATAL CARE: Clinic staff and community health workers can monitor pregnancies to determine issues before they become life-threatening.
  • MODERN LAB: A basic, modern lab staffed by trained technicians can diagnose conditions such as cholera, hypertension, diabetes and pregnancy at an affordable cost.
  • COMMUNITY HEALTH TRAINING: Public health training on sanitation, nutrition, child development and teen sexuality can provide a healthier people.
  • SPIRITUAL CARE: In all areas, a holistic approach will be taken. Local Haitians and American teams can provide Biblical soul care to patients to treat them both physically and spiritually.


Words cannot express the joy that comes from witnessing the completion of a project like the WWV medical center. Thanks to your prayers, planning and generous giving, this vision has become a reality for the people of Haiti. YOU helped make it happen!
We want to take just a moment to reflect with you on the vision behind this project that sits atop the hills overlooking Williamson, Haiti. 

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." (Matthew 5:14)

This verse from the Sermon on the Mount was the inspiration behind the "City on a Hill" project through WWV. The medical center is one of the key pillars of this visionary project in Williamson, Haiti.  After years of planning and praying the medical center was dedicated last week in Williamson, Haiti.  Our prayer is that it will truly be a light to the people in this community. We have faith that the medical care and spiritual care that is provided at this medical center will point many to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.   ​​​​​​​
There are clearly some finishing touches that still need to be made - like doors and windows! - but the medical center is already being utilized and will be such a blessing for the people of Williamson and Luly.


Pictured: Gualbert Guillaume (construction manager), Matt Anderson (WWV Medical Director),

Pastor Joassaint Mesilas (Williamson pastor) and Pat Mortensen (WWV Administrative Director)


Pillar II: Agriculture

Agriculture City on A Hill

NOW, in Haiti:

  • Haiti has become dependent on foreign aid and imports 80% of the food it consumes.
  • After years of deforestation, erosion has taken its toll on the land in Williamson and surrounding areas.
  • The majority of farming in Williamson is done with outdated tools and methods. Farmers lack access to capital, modern farm equipment and seeds.
  • Malnourishment is the leading cause of death in Haitian children.

SOON, with your help:

  • FOOD INDEPENDENCE: Overall nutrition can be improved as local production increases. Protein content in local diets can be improved with increased levels of poultry and goat production. Moringa – a natural multivitamin – can bring invaluable nutrition to students in the schools and local residents lacking in overall nutrition.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: World Wide Village can provide capital and training to assist local families in raising and selling goats and poultry. These forms of business are very sustainable in rural villages in Haiti such as Williamson. The opportunity to export Moringa can also provide a new source of income to the Williamson community.


Sustainable Living City on A Hill

Pillar III: Vocational Training

City On A Hill Vocational Training

NOW, in Haiti…

  • LACK OF SECONDARY EDUCATION: No secondary educational opportunities exist in the vicinity of Williamson.
  • HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT: Over 2/3 of the workforce in Haiti do not have formal jobs. Without proper skills and training, heads of families are unable to apply for or create well-paying jobs.
  • EXPENSIVE TRADE SCHOOLS: Private trade schools (where available) are overcrowded and expensive.
  • YOUTH MIGRATION: As young people seek education beyond high school, they are forced to move away from the community and often do not return.

SOON, with your help…

  • VOCATIONAL SCHOOL: A vocational school can offer classes in basic bookkeeping, computer skills, construction trades, mechanics and sewing.
  • COMPUTER TRAINING LAB: A computer lab can not only serve as a training center, but an also operate as an Internet Café to generate income to help sustain the vocational school.
  • AFFORDABLE HIGHER EDUCATION: Providing affordable higher education options can enable more people to have useful skills for private entrepreneurship and to become more employable by local businesses.
  • YOUTH RETENTION IN COMMUNITY: Young adults who obtain vocational training in the area are more likely to stay in the neighborhood and contribute to building the community.


  • The land for the vocational school has been purchased and the concrete slab to build upon has already been completed!

Volunteers helping build house in Haiti

As we continue to plan and raise funds for the vocational school, we continue to support individuals in their desire to grow into vocational trades. WWV has assisted individuals in attending sewing school and also supports technology training and a small sewing class in the high school in Williamson.

Pillar IV: Housing

City On A Hill house project

NOW, in Haiti…

  • LACK OF SAFE HOUSING: One of the greatest needs in Haiti is that of safe housing. Many Haitians live in poorly constructed tarp or mud homes. These houses are often only one or two rooms containing almost no furniture and food is often prepared over an open fire.

SOON, with your help…

  • MORE SAFE HOUSING: Because a healthy home is a necessity for sustainable living, the World Wide Village construction crew that has been trained by American construction experts, can continue to build safe, and sturdy homes for Haitian families.


  • MIRIELLE’S HOME: Mirielle and her family were the most recent recipients of a new home constructed by the WWV construction crew. Thanks to our generous donors, Mirielle has a new home directly next to the chicken coop where she is raising chickens as part of the WWV poultry program.

Run Down House

  • HURRICANE MATTHEW: After Hurricane Matthew came through Haiti in October of 2016, WWV was happy to report that ALL of the homes that have been constructed by the WWV construction crew over the last ten years are still standing with little to no damage.  These truly are sturdy, well-built homes that can even withstand a category 4 hurricane!
Also, take a sneak peek at our City on a Hill master plan, which includes all phases of the project!