Updated June 2, 2020


Haitians are strong, resilient people.  They are used to weathering a lot of storms – even storms of disease such as malaria, dengue and cholera.  They are weathering the COVID-19 storm with their usual grace, BUT virus numbers are continuing to rise.  Outside of the metropolitan areas testing is virtually unavailable, so the number of cases are most likely much higher. 

  • 5,717 suspected cases
  • 2,640 confirmed positive cases
  • 2,435 active cases
  • 24 recovered
  • 50 deaths from COVID-19




Updated May 28, 2020


Total number of COVID-19 cases in Haiti:

  • 3,643 suspected cases
  • 1,320 confirmed positive cases
  • 1,264 active cases
  • 22 recovered
  • 34 deaths from COVID-19



Updated May 20, 2020

We are celebrating that together, we’ve raised 60% of our overall goal in COVID-19 fundraising! Your monthly donations to THE CORNERSTONE CLUB will provide water, healthcare, economic support and spiritual encouragement to families in Haiti who need our help now more than ever.

We are praying for another $925 in monthly gifts to help provide for families in Haiti during this crisis. Can you help?


Updated May 20, 2020


Total number of COVID-19 cases in Haiti:

  • 2,270 suspected cases
  • 63 new cases
  • 596 confirmed positive cases
  • 553 active cases
  • 21 recovered
  • 22 deaths from COVID-19


As COVID-19 numbers in Haiti begin to grow more quickly there have been reports of increased fear of the devastating effects that the virus could cause in the rural areas of Haiti. Communities near Williamson & Luly set up roadblocks in an attempt to prevent the government from bringing Haitians into the area who have returned from other countries and are in mandatory quarantine. 



Updated May 14, 2020


COVID-19 Cases Double In Ill-Prepared Haiti – NPR.org

“The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Haiti has doubled over the past week, according to the Haitian Ministry of Health. As of May 13, there were 219 cases, up from 108 a week earlier. Cases are now being reported from all 10 departments, the local version of states, although the bulk of confirmed infections are in and around the capital Port-au-Prince. That bump in cases comes in the wake of a Pan American Health Organization warning of an impending humanitarian crisis in Haiti because of the pandemic.” 



Updated May 11, 2020


Total number of COVID-19 cases in Haiti:

  • 1,296 suspected cases
  • 31 new cases
  • 182 confirmed positive cases
  • 150 active cases
  • 17 recovered
  • 15 deaths from COVID-19


President Jovenel Moïse also announced a new policy requiring face masks to be worn in public places to slow the spread of COVID-19. Starting today, May 11th, face masks are mandatory. There are still no reported illnesses in the rural areas of Williamson and Luly. Please continue to pray for the country of Haiti. 



Updated May 4, 2020


Tomorrow is #GivingTuesdayNow – a day set aside to cover the globe in kindness and generosity during this time of COVID-19. As we celebrate this special day, we are asking you to consider joining the World Wide Village CORNERSTONE CLUB, and give monthly to keep WWV programs going strong over the next year. We are praying for $1,100 in additional monthly giving, and for:

  • Five people to give $100 per month;
  • Six people to give $50 per month;
  • Twelve people to give $25 per month.


Will you go above and beyond to help the people of Haiti?


Updated May 2, 2020


The new well in Luly, Haiti has been drilled! The wonderful team at Blue Ridge International for Christ hit fresh water at a depth of 90 feet and drilled down to 145 feet before stopping to avoid salt water, as Luly sits right on the ocean along the western coast of Haiti.


This much-needed well located next to the World Wide Village school will provide water to thousands of residents in the area. The well comes at a perfect time as hand-washing and hygiene are more important now than ever! This is definitely something to celebrate in the midst of a very difficult time.


We are so thankful to everyone who continues to support the people of Haiti through World Wide Village. To help programs like the WWV wells to continue, consider joining The Cornerstone Club during this time of struggle.



Updated April 29, 2020


As of today, Haiti is reporting 76 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and six deaths, with the majority being located in the capitol city of Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, due to Haiti’s lack of access to healthcare and testing for the virus, these numbers may be low.


Despite the lack of testing, we are thankful that there are no reports from our Haitian staff of respiratory illnesses in Williamson or Luly. This is good news that we pray continues!  


In other exciting news, a new well is being drilled today next to the World Wide Village school in Luly!  This well will provide water to thousands of residents in the area, allowing for much easier access to water for handwashing!  Many teenage boys in the area gathered to watch the long process of drilling for water. Future engineers!


Updated April 24, 2020

Haiti has a tragic history of disasters. Will COVID-19 be next?  The Washington Post

“To date, only five people in Haiti have died of covid-19 and 72 cases have been confirmed. With a mere 439 tests conducted, those figures are undoubtedly low. Meanwhile, in the past week, fears of a major outbreak have surged as thousands of Haitian migrant workers flood home across the border from the Dominican Republic, which has reported over 5,000 cases and more than 250 deaths.”



Updated April 23, 2020

Even with COVID-19 hitting the country of Haiti, many of the World Wide Village programs continue to bless families in Haiti thanks to so many of you!  Here are just a few updates:

The Goat Program: Despite COVID-19, goats in Haiti are still multiplying! Many families that have been given goats in the past have security knowing that if jobs are lost, or they’re unable to provide for their families, they have the option of selling a goat to provide what they need. Many new families are also receiving goats for the first time.

The Medical Center: The office hours at the medical center have been reduced to accommodate our nurses who travel to Williamson to provide care, but the blood pressure program will continue to provide medication and screening to those in need.

Education: While schools in Haiti have been closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, World Wide Village teachers continue to receive a salary. One preschool teacher says, “Thank you, World Wide Village, for everything you’ve done for me and everything you’re continuing to do for me. What we’re receiving now from World Wide Village comes at just the right time. It helps me a lot because there are others [in Haiti] who have nothing at all, and it is very hard for them. Thank you very much.” Read more…

Please help these World Wide Village programs (and many others!) continue serving the people of Haiti during this difficult time. When you give monthly to the The Cornerstone Club you are providing for nursing salaries, the goat program and so much more!


Updated April 22, 2020

COVID-19 Trickles Into Haiti: ‘This Monster Is Coming Our Way’ – NY Times Article

“The virus has been slow to hit the country. But as laid-off Haitians return from hard-hit areas, doctors are preparing furiously for an outbreak they fear will strain the nation’s threadbare health care system.”

“The coronavirus has been slow to come to Haiti, partly because protests and political violence virtually shut down tourism and drove away the foreigners who could have brought the disease to the country. A month after the first case was announced, there have been only 58 confirmed cases and four deaths.

Updated April 16, 2020

Haiti to Reopen Textile Factories Despite Coronavirus Fears: NY Times

“Haiti will reopen its key textile industry next week, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said on Wednesday, suggesting the impoverished nation had escaped the worst of the global coronavirus pandemic by imposing early on a state of emergency.”

“Jouthe said the initial term of the state of emergency expires shortly and the government was considering whether to extend it. Either way, it had decided to allow the textile manufacturing sector, that accounts for 90 percent of exports, to restart from next Monday. The industry would start running at 30 percent of its capacity to ensure social distancing in the workplace.

Updated April 15, 2020

Many have asked lately, “How are things in Haiti?” As we watch the news and we see the number of people affected by COVID-19 here in the United States, we’re fearful about what this virus might bring for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. World Wide Village President Randy Mortensen gives an update on COVID-19 in Haiti and also shares how you can be a blessing to the most vulnerable in Haiti by committing to giving to The Cornerstone Club each month, for one year.


Updated April 13, 2020

Join World Wide Village President, Randy Mortensen, LIVE on Facebook tomorrow night at 7:00 pm for updates related to World Wide Village and COVID-19 in Haiti.

Updated April 8, 2020

With updated guidelines on the use of masks when in public spaces, students and teachers at the World Wide Village Sewing Center have decided to give back!  Masks are now being sewn and given out in the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Haiti. While social distancing is nearly impossible in a country of 11 million people where crowded, public, outdoor markets and jam-packed public transportation are the norm, masks can help contain the spread. READ MORE on the Sewing Center…

Updated April 6, 2020

Haiti is now reporting 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one death. According to the Miami Herald, compared to the neighboring Dominican Republic, which has tested more than 4,000 people and registered 1,488 positive COVID-19 cases and 68 deaths, Haiti has only administered 257 tests. The lack of testing availability in Haiti is just one of the challenges to fighting this virus in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. READ MORE…


Updated March 22, 2020

WWV President, Randy Mortensen, shares an update related to COVID-19. With the new state of emergency declared in Haiti, WWV mission teams have been postponed until further notice. Mission teams make up 1/3 of all revenue for World Wide Village. Revenue from team members provide salaries for our Haitian staff, funding for our medical center, agricultural programs, and family support. Would consider joining The Cornerstone Club and giving monthly to WWV to help keep these programs in Haiti going strong? We simply cannot do it without you!

Updated March 20, 2020

The first two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Haiti yesterday. President Jovenel Moïse declared a countrywide state of emergency. All schools and factories are now closed and an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew has been imposed. In addition, all public gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited and the country’s two international airports in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien are closed to all commercial flights.

World Wide Village schools are following all protocols to close schools. It is with a heavy heart that we see the schools in Haiti close their doors once again. Just six months ago the schools were closed to due political protesting and roadblocks. Thanks to our wonderful student sponsors, World Wide Village will continue to pay teachers’ salaries and will open schools as soon as the state of emergency has ended.


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