The Degajé Challenge!


Degajé: verb 1. make do with what you have.


Most children in Haiti grow up very poor. These children must degajé and make do with what they have, including toys!  You would be amazed at how children in Haiti have learned to create their own toys using only what they can find, just like the kite in this photo.


The current COVID-19 crisis has left many children out of school and parents trying to make the most of this time.


Parents… are you going stir crazy yet?  We can help! 


Over the next week, World Wide Village is challenging children of all ages to be creative and to give back during this difficult time. Now is the time to degajé!


How does the Degajé Challenge work?  

Step 1: Children of all ages (college kids still count!) are challenged to “degajé” and create toys or paintings using only what they can find around the house. 

Step 2: Take a photo of your child’s toy and e-mail to Kim Anderson at Include your child’s name and age with the photo.




Step 3: Donate $10 to World Wide Village for each entry in the Degajé Challenge. Donations will be used to support families in Williamson and Luly, Haiti.

Step 4: DEADLINE EXTENDED! All entries are due by Monday, April 13th. Children in Haiti will vote on the entries and select winners in each age category. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 15th and will be awarded prizes made in Haiti!

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Other Ways to Help:


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