National Project Successfully Launched to Build More Homes in Haiti

National Project Successfully Launched to Build More Homes in Haiti

Plus One Home Project LaunchA remarkable event took place in Minneapolis yesterday, April 18th. What happened will have a positive effect on our ability to build homes in Haiti and move even more families out of tents or from under tarps and into permanent homes.

Raymond Pruban, owner of custom, green-home builder Amaris Custom Homes, LLC, unveiled a new home in North Minneapolis and officially launched the Plus One Home Project that secures pledges from homebuilders, remodelers, brokers and agents to help build homes in Haiti for every home they build, remodel or sell in this country. It also encourages home buyers and sellers to ask their contractors and real estate partners to become part of the project.

The home where the event was held was built to replace a home that was destroyed in the tornado that struck the neighborhood last year. The event was designed to remind people that North Minneapolis has not been rebuilt since the tornado, nor has Haiti been rebuilt since the earthquake, facts that KSTP TV picked up on for their news shows.

Almost 100 invited guests attended the event, far more than anticipated. There were builders, agents, media and political staffers at the event, giving Raymond Pruban and Randy Mortensen, President of World Wide Village, a great opportunity to talk about the project and about what is happening in Haiti. All-in-all it was a very successful launch!

To make a great day even better, several guests indicated they wanted to enroll in the project. Add the builders in California and Chicago who have signed on, and the agents and brokers in Arizona and the Twin Cities who have signed on, and the project is off to a strong start.

We invite you to learn more about Plus One Home Project by visiting the website at (All funds raised by the project will directly support the World Wide Village Family Housing Fund).

 We also you invite you to support the project by encouraging all the builders, remodelers, brokers and agents you know to become part of the project. And to ask anyone who is building, buying or selling a home to support the project by asking their contractors and agents to join the program, too.

Thank you for your continued support and keep an eye on out to watch the project grow.

Click Here to Watch a Video About the Plus One Home Project!

Pat Mortensen