World Wide Village NFC Fan

Loyalty Competition!

Now that Super Bowl LII is in the history books – keep the competition going by joining the World Wide Village Housing Challenge.

Show your team loyalty to one of the four teams listed, by contributing $100, $500, or $1,000 or any amount to prove your wholehearted commitment, as a diehard fan.

A donor, with close connections to the Cowboys, has already contributed $5,000 each for three of the houses to be constructed, so we’re starting with $15,000 already received with a goal of raising a total of $60,000 for four homes this year.

Each home is the large-scale model of the WWV family home (24’x30’ or 720 square feet) with four rooms. Our Haitian construction team has already built 55 single-family homes since 2011.

(Houses, each with the respective team colors, will be constructed based on the total dollars raised and will be built only after achieving the $15,000 level for each team. Track the scorecard on the website for day-by-day results.)

Show Your Team Spirit … and help move a Haitian family

from this:

to this:

NFC Challenge Donation

Houses in Haiti Fund.

Teams have raised so far:

Dallas Cowboys: $4,000

Minnesota Vikings: $4,600

Philadelphia Eagles: $4,000

Green Bay Packers: $4,550


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