For the past six years World Wide Village has been able to provide clean, safe water to thousands of people in Williamson and Luly from three deep water wells. Because of your past generosity, two of the wells are already powered by solar eliminating the need to purchase fuel to power the pumps.


Well #1 on the hilltop in Williamson still relies on gasoline to pump water. Over the last several months, a gasoline shortage in Haiti has caused the water distribution to cease for weeks at a time. 


This well provides water to hundreds of families in the area, goats and livestock, the WWV Medical Center and the irrigation system at the WWV gardens. Lack of water impacts so many areas of daily life in Haiti, but you can help! 


Will you help us Power the Pumps at City on a Hill with solar power?


  • $75 will help purchase cables, wiring, connectors, etc.
  • $160 will purchase one deep cell battery (8 needed)
  • $320 will purchase two solar panels (16 needed)
  • $500 will provide a charge controller
  • $2160 will provide an adequate inverter
  • Any amount will help reach the goal!

World Wide Village, Inc. is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization:

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Phone: (651) 777-6908

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*All donations made to World Wide Village will be used at the organization’s discretion for any purpose consistent with its tax-exempt mission.