Spring Forward into Sustainability!

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Are you as excited for spring as we are?  

Here at World Wide Village, we are getting ready to kick off an exciting new spring fundraiser! You can be a part of supporting sustainability in Haiti as we spring forward into sustainability!

As this new season begins, we are faced with new struggles that have come with serving in Haiti recently. Political turmoil, gasoline scarcity and crippling inflation rates have made it difficult to serve families and have the same impact as usual. Here at World Wide Village, we have faith that together, we can continue to help families thrive even through difficult times.

Now, we need your help to help meet our three most pressing needs:

School lunches: As inflation rises, so does the cost of basic food, making it more and more difficult to feed the 1000+ children in the WWV schools. $4,300 will allow WWV to create and operate a centralized kitchen. Purchasing and preparing food in bulk will help save money and allow for more nutritious food selections for children who might not eat daily at home. The centralized kitchen will also allow World Wide Village to explore the option of expanding the lunch program to include summer meals and meals for the elderly. 

Teen Girls Bible Study: A program that started with just a handful of girls from the sewing program has expanded to include nearly 50 young women at three different churches! $4,350 will provide quality study materials in Creole, Bibles, and staff salaries to oversee the program. What an amazing way to share the love of Christ with young women in Haiti. A gift of $87 would support one teen girl for a year.   

Agriculture: With the success of the current agricultural program at City on a Hill, we want to expand and grow the program! $5,400 will allow WWV to finish the installation of an irrigation system, purchase equipment and seeds necessary to expand and send our Haitian staff to an important training opportunity on sustainable agri-business. Your gift today will provide nutritious food and create jobs!  

Please consider giving a one-time gift or an ongoing monthly gift to provide sustainability and share the love of Christ in Haiti.

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