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Housing Construction


One of the greatest needs, World Wide Village staff has perceived, is that of safe housing. Many Haitians live in poorly constructed tarp or mud homes. These houses are often only one or two rooms containing almost no furniture and food is often prepared over an open … [-More-]

Interns 4


Missions work is a commitment. It requires a Commitment to Christ, a Commitment of Time, a Commitment of Money, a Commitment to Haiti and a Commitment to Work Area. Commitment to Christ World Wide Village is a Christ-centered, missions organization. Spiritual Development & … [-More-]

Student Sponsorships - Student at Chalkboard

Student Sponsorships

Student Sponsorships help bring education to the children of Haiti. The heart of World Wide Village’s work is education. For only $28.00 a month, you can invest in the future of Haiti by providing a child the opportunity to attend Christian school. Students will not only … [-More-]

Teams Medical Clinic


Join World Wide Village on the ground in Haiti and learn about the challenges facing families there. Your heart will be moved as you partner with Haitian brothers and sisters to provide education, housing, and hope to a people stuck in a cycle of poverty. Most trips to Haiti … [-More-]