World Wide Village

   Providing spiritual development,

education, healthcare,

and community enrichment

to the people of Haiti.


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Our Story


Since 2001, World Wide Village has been encouraging the Haitian people with the truth that there is hope for now and for eternity. By advocating a community-based approach to development, World Wide Village empowers and engages local leaders to implement creative solutions to aid in spiritual development and community enrichment through education.

Why Haiti? 80% of Haitians live in poverty with an average annual income of around $400 US. Only 52.9% of those over the age of 15 are able to read and write. Due to past political corruption, many Haitians continue to remain in extreme poverty. 

In the midst of this severe situation, through training and hard work, World Wide Village believes it is possible for Haitian families to break the bonds of poverty. Today WWV partners with Haitians through an E-Approach to poverty alleviation: Engage, Evaluate, Educate, Enlist, Empower, Entrust, and Encourage.

World Wide Village envisions a time when education, healthcare, and livelihoods will be available in Haiti, leading to knowledge and faith that will be a catalyst for healthy families and economic stability. However, more than all of this, World Wide Village prays that someday every Haitian will have a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

World Wide Village, Inc. is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization:

3495 Northdale Blvd. NW, Suite 230
Coon Rapids, MN  55448
Phone: (651) 777-6908

2412 Irwin St., Suite 206
Melbourne, FL 32901

*All donations made to World Wide Village will be used at the organization’s discretion for any purpose consistent with its tax-exempt mission.