Haiti is a very evangelized but poorly discipled country. Missionaries have been traveling to Haiti for decades and the name of Jesus can be seen everywhere – on storefronts and tap-taps, schools and homes. Yet the foundation for these beliefs is not deeply rooted and can often be tainted by the influence of the prosperity gospel and voodoo.

Our hope is for the gospel to take deep root in Haiti and produce a “fruit unto righteousness” in this country.  To help foster this spiritual growth, WWV is encouraging, strengthening and challenging Haitian pastors as they lead their congregations through ongoing training and discipleship of men and women and the establishment of a pastors’ coalition.

“One of the underlying issues in Haiti is that most Haitians feel stuck and deeply discouraged about themselves and their ability to thrive as Christ-followers in their communities. We believe it’s critical to teach, encourage, and empower Haitians to take hope in God and to step out in faith to better their families and communities.  By equipping and coaching the pastors and leaders of Haitian churches, we will be able to create these healthy cultures for the whole area.”  – Pastor Dan Bovenmyer (Grace Community Church)

Please join us in praying for the local church to be deeply rooted in the Word of God and for His Kingdom to be furthered in Haiti. Give today to support local pastors or request more information about becoming a church partner.

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