There are so many barriers to learning in Haiti. Poverty, hunger and lack of educational resources can cause children to struggle. Students who are exposed to violence (like that from gangs) are also more at risk of under-achieving and dropping out of school.  ...

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What’s Happening in Haiti [November 2023]

There’s a popular Christian song with lyrics that describe how God is working in Haiti right now: “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who You are.”   The song ends by repeating this phrase...“Even when I don’t see...

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Elira Family

Norason Elira is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. When asked what two words might describe him, Norason answered, “I love God and I love school.” Norason hopes to become an engineer someday and enjoys playing soccer.    He is grateful for the opportunity...

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Faith for Eternity

  Emmanuel Sainfleur is 13 years old. Emmanuel’s family was recently hit hard by poverty, and he worried he would need to drop out of school. Thankfully, a wonderful sponsor stepped in to provide help with tuition. Now he can continue studying his favorite...

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Hope for Tomorrow

Yselande and Amanda Filias are sisters and best friends. They live together with their mother in Williamson, Haiti. Yselande and Amanda's mother is a hard worker and has been proud of being able to send her daughters to school. When tragedy struck their extended...

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Help for Today

When mountain gangs came into Williamson, many families fled. They sought out shelter with family or friends in other areas of Haiti. Other families used all their savings to rent rooms in neighboring villages.   Yberman Alphonse and his family did not flee....

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [October 2023]

Living with uncertainty and fear continues to weigh heavily on the people of Haiti. In Williamson, peace talks improved the gang situation, but the threat of violence continues to plague the area. Some people have come back to their homes, but many are still too...

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12 Back-to-School Prayers

Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of a new school year. With gratitude we pray for students in Haiti as they begin heading back to school. Lord, we ask you to provide children in Haiti with the following according to your Word.    Confidence. Help children...

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Adwens Jean

  Last month, a gang from the mountains entered Williamson claiming to own the land where Adwens and his younger sister, Wisemie, had lived for years. When the gang arrived with guns in hand demanding their land, everyone fled.   In fear, Adwens and Wisemie...

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Sarah Pierre

  Sarah Pierre is 7 years old. She was born with hydrocephalus and received a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt when she was born to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid. Last week Sarah became ill, and it was apparent that her shunt had become infected. Sadly, there...

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