August 2018 Field Update

This month we want to celebrate just a few of the people whose lives are being changed in Haiti thanks to your generous support. We want to give a special shout-out to all of our Cornerstone Club members – those amazing people who give month after month, where it’s needed most, to see poverty alleviated

Meet Rosette!

This is Rosette, a mom to four beautiful children in Williamson, Haiti. Recently, Rosette was the recipient of a small business grant from World Wide Village. With that money, Rosette began purchasing and reselling rice, beans, oil, charcoal, and various spices. She sets up her shop right outside of her home and sells her goods

Christlove {Her name says it all}

Meet Christlove! This 22-year-old woman has been attending sewing school at the World Wide Village Sewing Center and has been a regular attendee of our Williamson Bible Study. “I’ve learned so much in this study,” she said. “I would definitely recommend it to the other girls in the community.” In March, the girls started a

Introducing… Damas Louis!

Meet Damas! Damas Louis is a young man currently living in Williamson, Haiti. About 6 months ago, he was given a small business loan from World Wide Village. With this loan, he started purchasing and reselling motor oil and motorcycle parts to the community of Williamson.  This business opportunity granted by WWV has equipped Damas

Reflections of a Softball Junkie

Lives are always changed when Impact Teams come to Haiti. This impact is almost impossible to put it into words, but Chad Amos did an amazing job capturing what happens when you take a step of faith and follow God’s leading to be the hands and feet of Christ in Haiti.   “Ok, so I

Joy Overflowing

By Ellie Magera (a senior in high school) “Overwhelming joy filled me as she leapt into my arms. She was giving me a crushing hug which was the best welcome I could have imagined. Christela was in my arms again. She remembered me! She felt the same bond that I did! She felt the same

Education in Haiti

Have you ever wondered how the educational system in Haiti works? Hopefully this short article will give you a small glimpse into better understanding education in Haiti. Education in Haiti is very similar to and yet very different from education in the U.S.  In Haiti, children learn their 1, 2, 3’s and A, B, C’s

July 2018 Field Update

Summer & Tutoring: Summer has officially begun and life in Haiti is HOT but the children are having fun. Their days are spent playing soccer, jumping rope, singing and dancing, helping with chores and creating fun out of anything they can find!  They are enjoying Vacation Bible School groups that the World Wide Village interns

Celebrating Sponsorship

Pictured: Rikervens Charmant Rikervens Charmant is 12-years old, loves to play soccer, enjoys learning math and wants to be an engineer someday. Will you help him achieve his dreams? When you donate $32 per month to the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program, you will allow Rikervens to attend school and have a hot lunch each

Six Reasons to Include Children in Missions

Whether you’re coloring pictures with your toddler to send to your sponsored student, bringing your teen on an Impact Trip to Haiti, or praying together as a family for missionaries around the world, including your children in missions is so important! Here are six reasons to include your children in missions taken from “Faith Passed