What’s Happening in Haiti? [May 2024]

  The book of Acts shows a vivid picture of how God spread His gospel to the nations during the time of the early church in Jerusalem.   "And on that day a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem." (Acts 8:1) "Now those who were scattered...

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Peanut Business

Mr. Francois was never able to attend school growing up and often found it difficult to secure employment even in good times in rural Haiti. Despite the hardships faced by Mr. Francois and his four children over the last year, they've found a reason to smile!  ...

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Delpeche Mountain School

"When I see children in the village where I grew up, I feel very sad. Some will be born, and some will die never stepping foot in a school. God has laid it on my heart to help." - Osnel Jeanrilus    Osnel Jeanrilus grew up in Delpeche, a small mountain...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [April 2024]

By now, you’ve probably seen the coverage of Haiti’s crisis in the news – increasing gang rule, over a million people on the brink of famine, continued kidnapping and violence filling the streets of Port-au-Prince and beyond.   The current reports from our staff...

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Crisis in Haiti Timeline

What events led to this major crisis in Haiti? How did the country reach this critical point in time? Read a brief timeline of events over the last several years tracking the devastating situation in Haiti.  2021  In July, President Jovenel Moise is...

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Classrooms are Complete!

  Several years ago, the Good Samaritan School was started in a church building in Luly, Haiti. Since it opened, the goal of the Good Samaritan School has been to welcome and educate children - especially those children whose families struggle with poverty. In...

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A Better Choice

  Too many teenagers in Haiti have been enticed into gang life. The pull they feel to become part of a gang can be strong. Many current gang members prey on teens who have dropped out of school and are looking for a way to survive. These at-risk teens are being...

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Above & Beyond: Toolbox Evangelism

We occasionally highlight individuals who have gone above and beyond as part of the World Wide Village family. We hope these stories encourage you as you take your own steps toward following God’s call to “make disciples of all nations” and to “open wide our hands to...

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What’s Happening in Haiti [March 2024]

NEW BABY! Baby Bryan was born this month at the new location for Sant Sante Espwa! His mother was so grateful when our medical center opened close to home, as she feared gang violence would interfere with a safe delivery. You can read her story from last month HERE!...

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