The Problem: Currently, in Haiti, over 2/3 of the workforce do not have formal jobs or a regular source of income. Haiti has become dependent on foreign aid and imports 80% of the food it consumes. Malnourishment is the leading cause of death among Haitian children. There is a severe lack of safe housing in Haiti and many families live in poorly constructed tarp or tin homes.


The Solution: Before undertaking a community development project, World Wide Village always seeks the input of local Haitian leaders by asking:


  • What assets do you have?
  • What are your goals for your community and what would make life better?
  • How can World Wide Village come alongside and help you attain those goals?



Goats: Since 2014, many families have been blessed with the gift of goats. WWV continues to grow its goatherd while gifting goats to local families. These goats multiply quickly and provide a new livelihood for families in need.

Crops: A large garden produces watermelon, papaya, peppers, strawberries and more on the hills above Williamson. World Wide Village is also growing test plots of Sunn Hemp – a superfood for goats.


Business & Vocational Training


Being an entrepreneur in Haiti is not a new concept. Many Haitians sell in the open markets and earn enough to feed their families. With help from donors and partners, WWV has been able to financially assist many families in starting or growing their small businesses.

World Wide Village also recently built and supports a sewing center where young adults are trained in sewing skills. These students are learning a valuable trade that will offer them a way to financially provide for their families.

Community Wells


Access to fresh water is a struggle for communities in rural Haiti. World Wide Village has drilled three community wells to provide new sources for clean water for families in Williamson and Luly. Thanks to our amazing supporters, all three of these wells are also powered by solar power!

Safe Housing


Knowing that a healthy home is a necessity for sustainable living, World Wide Village has partnered with American construction teams to train and work alongside Haitian construction workers to build sturdy, long-lasting homes for families in Haiti. World Wide Village now employs two Haitian-led construction crews that are leading the way in constructing single-family homes in rural areas of Haiti. What a blessing a new home is for a family in Haiti!

Siltamene and her family were the most recent recipients of a new home constructed by the WWV construction crew. Thanks to a generous donor – Byron Jones from the Dallas Cowboys – Siltamene and her six children have a new home where they can feel safe and secure and start to thrive.

Each of these programs are helping break the cycle of poverty that has plagued Haiti for decades. Clean water, small businesses, vocational training, goats and safe housing are changing lives. They are also tangible ways of showing the love Christ to people living in rural Williamson & Luly.

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