Education is the heart of World Wide Village

The need for education in Haiti is staggering. Nearly half of all school-age children do not have the opportunity to attend school. This lack of education has perpetuated the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that has plagued Haiti for decades.

World Wide Village currently supports six schools in the rural villages of Williamson and Luly. Together, these schools educate over 1,500 students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school.

World Wide Village is able to support these schools thanks to our generous student sponsors. For $38 per month you can invest in the future of Haiti by providing a child the opportunity to attend a Christ-centered school.

One local pastor in Williamson described how World Wide Village has helped bring education to children in his village:

“I started this school here in 2000. I saw a lot of kids in the streets. There was nowhere to go to school. So I started gathering the kids from the streets. We had about 16 to18 students. A lot of times the families aren’t able to pay for the tuition. It was about that time we met World Wide Village. They started helping me pay teachers. And this is when the school started to grow. All together we have about 400 students now. This is a big blessing. I fell in love with this community because I felt deep in my heart that this is where God wanted me. I would give my blood for this community. ” – Pastor Joassaint (Williamson, Haiti)

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