Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s heavy loads. If you do, you will give the law of Christ its full meaning.” NIRV

Jean & Daphca Louine live on the hills above Williamson, Haiti. They just celebrated 10 years of marriage and have worked hard to earn a living, but it has not always been easy. They were overjoyed when their first child was born, and they now have three children.

Jean works as a teacher and Daphca sells items in the market to earn a living. Just over a year ago they were finally able to purchase a plot of land and build a temporary house for their family. 

Thanks to your support, Jean & Daphca recently received a donkey from World Wide Village to help carry their heavy load!

What a blessing a donkey will be to help carry items to and from the market, allowing Daphca to grow her small business and better provide for their family.

Their donkey can also be used to carry water from the well at City on a Hill and help their neighbors, as well.

World Wide Village has been giving the gift of goats for years, but recently expanded the program to include horses, donkeys and mules!  These animals are very useful in rural areas of Haiti like Williamson, where many families live on the hillside with no transportation.


Thank you for your ongoing support of World Wide Village that is blessing so many families in Haiti. You are not only helping to literally carry the heavy loads of families living in poverty, but you are also helping to carry their burdens as they feel God’s love.