Daphca Pierre is a self-described “social butterfly” and “cool kid.” She is also very hard-working and at the top of her class as a sophomore in high school. Even more than this, Daphca is persistent.


The last year has been very difficult for Daphca and her family. They were forced to flee their home back in September. Around the same time, Daphca’s father tragically broke his leg in an accident and has been unable to work.


“The year was really difficult for me because my father was injured. The situation in our area did not allow us to be at peace.”


Instead of losing hope, Daphca resolved to help her family by going to sewing school. She understood that if she could learn these new skills, she could help earn a living and provide for her family.

Daphca was able to save enough to pay the sewing school registration fee and purchase a few supplies, but the cost of tuition was out of reach. Instead of giving up, she reached out for help.


Day after day she spoke with her school administrator, teachers, and World Wide Village leadership, not taking no for an answer! Seeing her commitment, she finally received a YES and gladly accepted a grant from World Wide Village to cover tuition at sewing school.

Daphca’s persistence paid off and your generosity gave her that YES!


When asked why she wanted to attend sewing school, Daphca said, “I like that you asked me this question. There are many reasons that I want to go to sewing school. I am a young person from a poor family that does not have the means to help me move forward with what I want in life. I realized if I go to sewing school it will help me and my family during difficult times.”


Once she has all the skills necessary, Daphca plans to sew school uniforms for children in her community. With her persistence and hard work, Daphca has a bright future ahead!


If you give monthly to the Cornerstone Club or if you’ve ever given “where needed most”, please know that your gifts are making an impact in Haiti. The reason Daphca was able to receive a YES to her request was thanks to you!


“I thank God for sending people my way and I greet everyone who thought of me in all these difficult conditions. I ask God to continue to bless them for their good work. They made my family very happy. Thank you for all you are doing for me.”