A picture is worth a thousand words


This phrase tells us that a single image can convey what would take a thousand words to describe. It’s true, and Kellie Fontaine has been able to capture those images in Haiti in amazing ways!


The photos that we share on our website and on social media are painting a picture of the work God is doing in Haiti through you. They are painting a picture of the lives that are lived in Haiti and the people who are being impacted. The photos that Kellie takes while in Haiti are showing the heart of World Wide Village. We are grateful for Kellie’s gifting of photography!

Yet over the last two years, our Impact Teams have been largely unable to travel to Haiti due to political unrest and COVID-19. Even though Kellie has not been physically able to travel to Haiti, she decided to go above & beyond, using her talents to bless the people of Haiti through her photography from home!


Kellie held mini photo sessions with families in her area to raise money for World Wide Village. Kellie donated what she raised to use where needed most in Haiti. A special thanks to Kellie for going above and beyond to use her talents to raise funds and support the people of Haiti!