The first time Pastor Jeff went to Haiti he visited a local church. The building had an open format with no windows. We had breathtaking views of the Caribbean. People from all over the world were there. When we sang worship songs, you could tell people were singing in their native tongues: Creole, French, German, English, etc. It reminded me of chapter 4 in Revelation, where everyone was worshipping God before a glassy sea. It was a glimpse of heaven.”



For the last 10 years, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Dave from Grace Community Church in North Liberty, Iowa have been building up fellow pastors in Williamson and Luly, Haiti. They have sought to disciple, encourage and equip the local pastors so they can lead their own churches in rural Haiti well. Even though face-to-face meetings are not possible, the pastors continue to meet monthly over Zoom.



During their time together, Pastor Dave often leads a Bible study, teaching on many subjects as questions arise during their meetings. He has taught on the sovereignty of God, the purposes of suffering, servant-leadership and many other passages from scripture. They also pray together – both for their church bodies and their own families.

Pastor Dave says, I enjoy the mutual fellowship, brotherhood and joy that we share as pastors with one another. I enjoy the teaching around God’s Word each month where we all grow together. I really enjoy hearing and watching the pastors catch a vision for what could be in their communities and churches. Watching them grow in the Lord and in their leadership is another thing I enjoy about our monthly calls. We learn as much from them as they learn from us.”

Pastor Jeff says, “They are my friends. We show care for each other. We learn from one another. It is an honor to serve with them in the universal church.”



The heart of World Wide Village is to see the gospel take deep root in Williamson and Luly, and the WWV Pastors Coalition is one way God is strengthening His church.

A special thanks to Pastor Jeff & Pastor Dave as they continue to pour into their fellow pastors in Haiti!