There’s nothing much better than home grown tomatoes, except maybe seeing the kids at Prairie Home Farm selling those home-grown tomatoes to bless the people of Haiti!


Seth & Joanna wanted to teach their children to be good stewards of God’s land. At Prairie Home Farm in Solon, Iowa their family’s mission is “faith, family, farming.” Seth & Joanna recognize God’s ownership of all that they possess. At harvest time this year they wanted to give their best produce as an offering to the Lord.


To do that, they set up a roadside stand where they collected donations for fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and zucchini. All of the donations collected were donated to non-profits fulfilling God’s mission abroad. World Wide Village was grateful to be one of those organizations!

Joanna said they were so in awe of how awesome God was to bless their harvest and the donations. Their three oldest children spent time planting, weeding and harvesting the garden, while the youngest played alongside. The end result was getting to experience a labor of love and giving to others. Plus, the money they raised will go directly to providing families in Haiti with goats!


Thank you, Prairie Home Farm, for going above and beyond!