YOU are helping one family at a time in rural Haiti! Because you care enough to support World Wide Village, families are being blessed on a daily basis through education, medical care and agriculture. 

We want you to meet Adlana, Maslene, *Jennifer, and Roberson – all who have been impacted by your ongoing support. Learn about their lives, their struggles and how they have been blessed by you! 

Adlana: Healthy Mother + Healthy Baby

The new maternal health program is such a blessing for young mothers in Haiti like Adlana Altime who delivered her first baby in June. Baby Mackenson was born on June 24th – a bouncing baby boy!

With access to regular check-ups, pre-natal vitamins, safe birthing kits and education, mothers in rural Haiti will have a much better chance of delivering healthy and happy babies like Mackenson. 

*Jennifer: Cervical Cancer Screening

*Jennifer, who lives in rural Haiti, was recently screened and tested positive for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer. Through the cervical cancer screening program, she was able to be treated for early signs of cancer. 

“My auntie died of cervical cancer, so I think it is so important for women in Haiti to be tested. Women here usually don’t know they have cancer because there are no symptoms. Then it’s too late.”  *Jennifer now has peace of mind that cervical cancer will not take her away from her young children.

Maslene: Devastating Fire

Losing your home in a fire is devastating to a family in Haiti, especially when you’re a single mother with four young children. When Maslene lost everything to a recent house fire, she found herself in a very tough situation.

Immediately after the fire, friends and neighbors generously helped Maslene and her children, giving them a place to live, food to eat and clothing to wear. But for Maslene, trying to find a way to get her kids into school has seemed overwhelming and nearly impossible.

Yet there is hope! The World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program can offer all three of Maslene’s school-age children the opportunity to attend school this year, even after losing everything in a fire. Would you consider supporting this family in need? We are still looking for official sponsors for Lovensky , Mageline & Easter Jean Paul. Please visit our WWV Student Sponsorship page to learn more about how $32 per month can help this family through sponsorship.

Roberson: Agriculture

WWV staff member, Roberson Belzince, is thankful for the opportunity to earn a living by working the land at City on a Hill. He loves to show off his hard work and has even taken furthering education courses to learn best-practices in Haitian agriculture. 

Several types of fruit trees, vegetables and even moringa (a natural super-food) are growing quickly. The goals of this new program are to:

  • Utilize natural resources in Haiti – the land and a year-round growing climate!
  • Increase access to local, healthy food sources.
  • Create jobs and build sustainability.