Like many young women in Haiti, becoming a mother and wife is not only a dream for love and companionship, but also a desire to be cared for financially. Young moms like Wiselande, who herself was raised by a single mother, hope to move beyond this cycle of poverty, but often see no other way than finding a husband who will provide.  

Often, this dream is met by disappointment, as promise after promise for support is broken. These broken promises leave young moms like Wiselande to care for their children alone. Many single mothers in Haiti live in a cycle of poverty that has been perpetuated for generations.

“Haitian citizens are raised in a matriarchal culture, where the women are in charge of the household. The men, however, still have the upper hand and control. Thus, it is common for single mothers to raise their children while working to earn money for their family. They are often left with all the familial burdens. However, when it comes to cultural equality of gender, Haitian women are often low on the list…” says Kathrina Jane Tiangco

Many mothers make sacrifices on a daily basis, hoping to break the cycle of poverty for their own children. “Haitian women would go hungry so they could send their children to school…” They are strong, amazing women.


Thanks to you, Wiselande will not have to choose between a daily meal and sending her young girls to school. Through the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program, Wiselande’s oldest daughter is already attending Kindergarten. Her education will allow her to learn to read, learn math and science and will start to break this cycle of poverty. Student sponsorship is such a wonderful way to support young mothers. When you sponsor a child, together we sponsor a village! 

But it gets better! Student sponsorship is not the only way you are serving Wiselande and other mothers. Your support of World Wide Village also provided a small business loan for Wiselande to begin earning a living for herself. Our hope is that this small business will provide a sustainable income and allow Wiselande freedom in raising her daughters.

Sponsor a child. Sponsor a village. Change the world. World Wide Village Student Sponsorship.