Pictured: Matt & Amy Cheney with their sponsored student – Johnley


Matt Cheney is one of our dedicated World Wide Village board members and student sponsors. He has been growing his award winning beard since 2015 – about as long as he’s been sponsoring little Johnley.  Matt and Amy have a heart for the children in Haiti and providing them with an education. Matt is so dedicated to finding sponsors for each and every child that he is willing to buzz off his crazy beard while in Haiti, but ONLY if we are able to get 30 kids sponsored by the end of February!


Here’s how to sign up:

Step 1 – Visit the WWV Student Sponsorship Page:  https://worldwidevillage.org/student-sponsorship

Step 2 – Sponsor a child’s education for $32 per month. Each of the children on the website are very vulnerable to poverty and are a priority for sponsorship.

Step 3 – In the notes section, write “Buzz the Beard for Haiti!”

Step 4 – Enjoy watching the video of Matt’s crazy beard being shaved off by his own sponsored student this spring!


Thank you Matt & Amy for your passion for God’s work in Haiti and your dedication to the children of Haiti!