The success of WWV in promoting spiritual enrichment and building sustainable communities in Haiti has always been dependent upon strong church partnerships.

What makes a successful partnership? Many churches are beginning to realize that the keys to a successful short-term mission trip does not involve taking a group of church members to an exotic location to hold orphaned children for a week, believing that this has made a long-lasting impact. A number of recent books such as Toxic Charity and When Helping Hurts have helped shed light on the harmful nature of these types of short-term trips and have inspired many churches and organizations to re-evaluate the impact of their presence overseas.

“Our tendency is to want to do a “one-time” project for a group and then to move next year to the next hot spot or cool place to help out. There are definitely times when this is needed for direct relief such as a natural disaster. However, most of the time, what is needed is a long-term partnership that will enable you to engage over time.” Dan Shoemaker – Reciprocal Ministries International.

Church partners who are committed to long-term engagement play a crucial role in helping World Wide Village continue the work God is doing in Haiti.  When a local church recognizes God’s heart for the poor and shares the desire to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, an amazing partnership will begin!

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The mission of World Wide Village is clearly to bring glory to God in serving the people of Haiti, but we have found over the years that those who join our mission by giving of their time and resources to serve are blessed in return. Engaging members from your church is a great way for them to grow spiritually and enhance their disciple-making skills. Team members often return home with more passion, commitment, boldness and desire to live for God.

“Tarryl was unsure what to expect on his first trip to Haiti. As a deacon and active member in his local church, he was invited to come as part a WWV medical team. He came specifically to assist in sharing the Gospel with non-believers who came to the clinic, as well as to encourage local believers and church members with whom the team interacted.

Admittedly skeptical of his potential impact, Tarryl walked away from his first day in Haiti feeling personally challenged. As he interacted with patients he realized that it had been ‘too long’ since he shared his faith with others at home. Throughout the week he had many opportunities to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Thanks to these opportunities, combined with the evangelism training materials provided to his team, he left Haiti feeling emboldened to step out in his faith more upon returning home.

Once home, Tarryl felt the Holy Spirit prompting him to reach out to a longtime friend of his suffering from a terminal medical condition. He made the six-hour drive to his friend’s home and shared the love that Christ had for his friend. By the grace of God, his friend accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior that day.”

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