“When I see children in the village where I grew up, I feel very sad. Some will be born, and some will die never stepping foot in a school. God has laid it on my heart to help.” – Osnel Jeanrilus



Osnel Jeanrilus grew up in Delpeche, a small mountain village in Haiti. Living in an area where education was not available, Osnel was fortunate enough to have parents who believed in the transformative power of learning. 

Osnel’s parents worked as farmers and never had the opportunity to attend school themselves. When Osnel turned 12, they made the difficult decision to send him on a three-hour journey into the city so he could attend school.



“My parents sacrificed greatly to be able to send me to school. Some in our village questioned them because they gave up so much and even skipped meals for our education. My mother would respond, ‘I believe in God. God can feed us.’”  

Their sacrifice, combined with Osnel’s dedication, paid off. Osnel not only succeeded in school but also attended college and began working for World Wide Village. 

Today, Osnel serves as a bookkeeper, managing many aspects of World Wide Village’s operations in Haiti. Yet he has never forgotten his roots. Motivated by the blessings he has received, Osnel has felt a deep calling by God to give back.

Each month, Osnel gives out of his own earnings to keep the doors open to this small school in Delpeche. He feels strongly that education can help transform Haiti. He wants each of these young children to have more opportunities than he had, despite the struggles in his country. 



Today, we ask you to join Osnel and invest in remote areas of Haiti. We are praying for $2200 per month to support two mountain schools and provide school lunches for students not yet in the sponsorship program.

  • $400 per month for Delpeche School.
  • $400 per month for Yves School.
  • $1400 per month for school lunches.

Can you help? A monthly gift of any amount to the Cornerstone Club today will be a tremendous blessing to these children, their families, and their communities in the mountains!



If you prefer, you can also give a one-time gift to support these remote schools and help provide school lunches. Give today!