Haiti is a very evangelized but poorly discipled country. Missionaries have been traveling to Haiti for decades and the name of Jesus can be seen everywhere – on storefronts and tap-taps, schools and homes. Yet the foundation for these beliefs is often not deeply rooted and can be tainted by the influence of the prosperity gospel and voodoo. Your support of World Wide Village is helping build a strong gospel foundation in churches in rural villages in Haiti.

Our hope is for the gospel to take deep root in Haiti and produce a “fruit unto righteousness” in this country.  To help foster this spiritual growth, World Wide Village pastoral partners have encouraged local pastors in the Williamson and Luly area to actively disciple young men in their local churches in Haiti. Each pastor was challenged to select 12 young men to pour into and encourage in their walks with the Lord.



“Boys don’t enter the world knowing how to be godly men; they have to be trained into it. Of course, the primary training role for that formation should be the boy’s father. He is to disciple his son every day in the Word of the Lord and in the pattern of godly living.”

“But while godly fathers are by far the best disciplers of young men into Christ-like manhood, spiritual fathers can play a vital role as well. This is where a mentor, a pastor, or a discipler can step in and take the young man beyond where his father has left off. In a day of rampant absenteeism among biological fathers, (very common in Haiti) the next generation of spiritual leaders is yearning for godly men to step up and serve as an adoptive spiritual father.” – Adam from Edify Daily.


Pictured: Pastor Yves’ discipleship group


We are so encouraged that Pastor Yves Louis from Williamson has taken this call to discipleship seriously and is doing the hard but rewarding work of building up young men in his church. He shared a recent photo of his group with the caption, “Oh praise the Lord! I wanted to say thanks Pastor David (a WWV partner pastor) for his support of this group of 12. The work is getting better with success. Thanks.”

This is so encouraging, and our prayer is that Pastor Yves’ dedication to these young men will cause the love of God to take deep root in their hearts as they grow up to be the next generation of Christian leaders in Haiti.  Your support of World Wide Village is helping build a strong gospel foundation in churches in rural villages in Haiti – THANK YOU!