Norason Elira is 15 years old and just started 9th grade. When asked what two words might describe him, Norason answered, “I love God and I love school.” Norason hopes to become an engineer someday and enjoys playing soccer. 


He is grateful for the opportunity to attend school as a sponsored student!


In a typical year, Norason and his mother get by on the little income she brings in selling goods in the market. They never have extra, but they feel blessed. Norason helps his mom around the house by cooking and making the beds.

Yet like many families in rural areas of Haiti, the state of the country has affected them greatly.


“The last year was very expensive. Food prices are skyrocketing, and transportation is all very expensive,” Norason’s mom explained. The little income Norason’s mother makes in the market doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. It’s nearly impossible to get by when expenses like schoolbooks or a trip to the doctor arise.

Thanks to you, Norason and his family now have another livelihood – raising goats!


Norason said, “The goats will help my family a lot because once they start having babies, if we have a problem, we can sell a goat. For example, we could go to the hospital if we needed to.”


When families receive goats, they can multiply overtime and provide a sustainable livelihood. Thank you for providing sustainable solutions to poverty!