Political Uproar:

First, we want to thank each of you for your prayers and concern about the situation in Haiti over the last week. We trust that God is in control and ask that you continue to pray. Please review some of the frequently asked questions we are hearing:


Q: What is causing the current political turmoil?

A: The current president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, has been accused of misusing funds from an oil assistance program and many in the opposing political party are calling for his resignation. Anti-corruption protests (ironically, staged by people paid by the opposing party to raise havoc) have become heated and have intensified over the last week.  In recent years, Haiti’s economy has struggled, bringing double-digit inflation and high prices for essential goods, adding to the frustration with the current situation.


Q: Is the World Wide Village staff safe in Haiti?

A: Yes!  All of our staff members are safe at home or at the guesthouse in Williamson. Lives have been put on hold as schools, businesses and roads are closed, but everyone is safe. There is no active violence where World Wide Village serves in the communities of Williamson and Luly, but distribution of supplies has been disrupted because of blocked roads leading to the more major cities.


Q: How does this affect the people of Haiti?

A: Please continue to pray for the country of Haiti in this time of political turmoil. Haiti is a wonderful country with many wonderful people, but not without struggle. A small percentage of residents have caused chaos by blocking roads throughout the country, causing schools and businesses to be closed. The result is that everyone suffers –  children are unable to go to school, parents are unable to work, and everyone has increased difficulty in finding food and necessities to purchase.


Q: How does this affect World Wide Village?

A: Because of the uncertainty and disruption, some of our Impact Teams have been postponed until the political climate is more stable. These demonstrations tend to go away as quickly as they start so we anticipate being able to have teams back in Haiti soon!  As we strive to be an organization that is building sustainability in Haiti, our programs are able to continue without Impact Teams. Unfortunately with the roadblocks, life is on hold for many people. Children cannot get to school, patients cannot get to to the medical center and our construction crew cannot get to home building sites. We are very hopeful that all of the great work happening in rural Haiti thanks to your generosity will be back in full swing soon!


Q: What is the current state in Haiti?

A: According to reports from our staff in Haiti and others on the ground, the protests are calming down and life is starting to get back to normal. As in the past, the political riots often die out as quickly as they come up. The president and prime minister have both spoken and seem to have a plan that addresses the demands of the protestors. This is promising and an answer to prayer. Continue to pray for the country, knowing that God is in control.


Prayers from a missionary in Haiti: 


Let’s pray for peace in the streets. But let’s pray that it’s a result of peace in the hearts of those causing troubles. Let’s pray for peace in the government that comes from selflessness of those that are leading. Let’s pray for peace in the businesses that are suffering and trying to decide how to stay above water. Let’s pray for peace in our hearts and the hearts of those we serve within this country. That we would not be easily angered or anxious during these times of frustration, but that our houses and ministries would be a respite. That those that do not know Christ would ask why we can remain joyous and calm in the trials of recent days.’


‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’ John16:33

Just remember, He overcame the world through death… and then resurrection. But there was a time of death, defeat, and uncertainty first.

God gave this little Caribbean country so much beauty – including its sunsets and people.”  We agree!