Today we are praising God for quiet streets.

It’s been almost three weeks since the mountain gangs came into Williamson, Haiti. Nearly the entire community fled the gunfire as local vigilantes stood their ground against the gangs.

Since then, the gangs have retreated back into the mountains and talks of peace have been underway. Local pastors (some part of our pastors coalition) have been leading the discussions toward peace. These conversations have centered on land ownership disputes and the promise of a ceasefire.

Please continue to pray for Williamson!

Thanks to your generosity, many families have received food during this tremendously difficult time. World Wide Village staff has been busy distributing food packs to families who fled the violence – still unable to work or return home. Thanks to you, we are able to provide food for over 100 families. 

Thank you! 

Our hope and prayer is that the ongoing peace talks will allow families to return home in time for the start of school on September 11th. Until then, we will continue to provide food and support as needed.