The Belizaire family loves to tell jokes. Laughter can often be heard coming from their home.


Rosedenie sells charcoal and her husband works as a mason. They work hard, but struggle to make ends meet and rarely have extra as they raise their three children in Williamson, Haiti.


Thanks to you, the Belizaire family received the gift of goats from World Wide Village several years ago.

Last year, the family went through a difficult time. A storm with high winds and torrential rain tore down the tin roof of their house. With no roof to protect them from the wind and rain, they used a tarp to cover their home and protect their family.


Can you imagine water leaking into your home each time it rains? The rain soaked their belongings. The family got wet as they slept, cooked, and the kids completed their homework. It was miserable.


Before receiving goats, they would never have been able to fix their roof and would still be living under the tarp. Instead, they were able to sell two of the offspring from their herd and re-build the roof of their house.

One year later, their goats continue to multiply and provide for their needs.


During this very difficult time when opportunities for work are scarce, their goats are offering an extra source of income. The laughter from their family continues!


Thank you for supporting families in Haiti with sustainability through the GIFT OF GOATS. 

In honor of the Belizaire family, please enjoy these silly goat jokes. We hope they make you laugh!

Q: What does a goat usually have for breakfast?

       A: Goat-meal.

Q: What do you call a goat that swims really fast?

       A: A motor goat.

Q: Why do goats have trouble making friends?

       A: They always butt heads.