The Saintmius family has lived in Williamson, Haiti for many years. During good times, Mr. Saintmius worked in construction, earning enough to feed his family and send his children to school. While the family rarely had extra, their needs were met, and they were grateful.


Last fall, mountains gangs came into Williamson forcing the entire community to flee. The Saintmius family was no exception and frantically left their home with only what they could carry. Since then, life has become increasingly difficult.


Their story, though marked by adversity, also shows grit, determination, and blessings.




When the Saintmius family first fled their home, they sought shelter with relatives who provided them with a roof over their heads and food on their plates.


Yet soon after seeking shelter, their relatives moved to the Dominican Republic. This left the Saintmius family with a free place to live, but no job and no income.


As time has passed Mr. Saintmius has been frustrated to find very little work. With the current struggles in Haiti, there are very few construction projects. The lack of work has caused the family to face food insecurity, often missing meals when they cannot afford to buy food.


It is heartbreaking for a father to watch his children go hungry and feel helpless.

The Saintmius children attend the Brazil School which relocated from Williamson to Luly to avoid the threat of gang violence last fall.


The Saintmius family was thankful their school was able to re-open, but living far away from school has not been easy.


While other families might have given up and children dropped out of school, this family has shown such grit and determination.




Mr. Saintmius walks his children over 45 minutes to school each morning, often in the hot sun. While the kids are in school, he hikes up the hills above Luly to chop wood that he can find to make charcoal to sell. It is hot, exhausting work, but he is determined to continue providing for his family.


The children – Danielis (17) Marie Dania (14), and Marie Suse (11) show up to school each day ready to learn. Even when their bellies are empty and they’ve walked three miles, they are determined to push forward.





Seeing the adversity this family has faced and the sacrifices they were making to attend school, the school director reached out for help when they were unable to pay tuition.


A special thanks to Forest Hill Church for raising funds to send kids to school in Haiti this spring. Because of this special fundraiser, all three Saintmius kids received tuition assistance and joined the lunch program. This was truly a blessing for a family facing so many difficulties.




There are still many uphill battles for this family as life continues to be a struggle in Haiti. Danielis now has a full-time sponsor, but Marie Suse and Marie Dania are waiting for official sponsorship. Mr. Saintius continues to piece together work and make charcoal but still earns very little income. He is on the waitlist for a microgrant to help with a new vocation.


If it is in your heart to help, please consider sponsoring Marie Dania or Marie Suse for school. Or give to HELP ONE and provide Mr. Saintmius with a new vocation.


Please continue to pray for the Saintmius family and many others who find themselves in similar situations in rural Haiti. Life is full of adversity, but also blessings.