When mountain gangs came into Williamson, many families fled. They sought out shelter with family or friends in other areas of Haiti. Other families used all their savings to rent rooms in neighboring villages.


Yberman Alphonse and his family did not flee. Yberman (age 11) recalls hiding under the bed each time they heard gunshots near their home. They were afraid but could not afford to leave. Yberman’s mother hoped that the gang clashes would be temporary, and life would return to normal quickly.



Yet as the violence went from days into weeks, life became more and more difficult. Mrs. Alphonse earns a living selling food staples at home and in the market. So, when everyone in Williamson fled, there was no one left to purchase her products. No income meant no food for the family.


Then you stepped in to help.

Yberman and his brother are sponsored. Being part of the sponsorship program, Yberman’s family was a priority to receive a food pack – enough food to last an entire month.


This is what help for today looks like in Haiti.


Since then, some families have started returning to Williamson, again purchasing food staples from Mrs. Alphonse. The boys are starting back to school and life continues.

What could have been a devastating time for Yberman and his family – not knowing where they would get their next meal – was made a bit better and they are grateful.


Thank you for providing help for today!