Jay’s House of Restoration

By: Randy Mortensen, President of World Wide Village, Inc.


The darkest day of my life was May 28, 1987 – that was the day I had to say goodbye to my 5-year-old son Jay. An emergency room physician made an error while calculating a dosage for potassium, that was required in order to balance Jay’s electrolytes, prior to an emergency appendectomy.  In a split second I lost a son that I loved deeply who’s smile and vibrant personality would light up a room.

Jay’s 40th birthday would have been on April 15, 2022 and my plan is to memorialize him by establishing a home for young men in Haiti who are struggling to survive in their current settings.

“Jay’s House of Restoration” will provide an array of life-changing care for selected young men. We will be attentive to their needs while also providing health care, education, and spiritual development – the right kind of care, at the right time, in the right way.

Some will come to us in crisis, or following emotional losses. We intend to deliver compassionate care while helping the young men grow in mind, body, and spirit.

We believe in rehabilitation and redemption for kids, rather than punishment. We will advocate for fair treatment that offers developmental support based on age, while teaching functional decision-making abilities.

We are on a mission that supports the beliefs that God loves His children and wants what’s best for them. Everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential. We won’t give up on young men and are committed to helping those who are struggling, by providing a family setting, allowing them to grow as they pursue God’s plan for their life.

The home provided by funding for “Jay’s House of Restoration” supporters will be managed by a Haitian couple with one or two of their own children, who will raise up to eight young men, between the ages of 8 and 18. The young men will also have the opportunity to participate in agriculture programs and be exposed to construction projects, as well as various forms of athletics.

The house itself will consist of six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and significant room for family interaction during food prep, meals, periods of learning, and play time. The project will create construction jobs for our Haitian construction team, as well as ongoing employment opportunities.

The financial goal for construction and program support is $82,000 – requiring forty-nine gifts of varying amounts. Ongoing financial support will be required but the ultimate goal is for the program to be 100% sustainable for the long-term.

As I continue to work on projects for my Haitian brothers and sisters, I know this family home will return significance to young men’s lives. And Jay will be smiling down from Heaven!

Please help in any way you can – we’re requesting prayer support, the financial backing, and spreading the word to others about this much needed project.



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