Summer is here and school is just winding down for children in Haiti. We are so thankful for so many of you who sponsor students in the World Wide Village supported schools. Living in rural Haiti, many of these children would not have access to education without you. It truly does make a difference!

Just to give you an idea of the impact you are making, nearly half of all adults in Haiti are unable to read and write, especially in the rural areas of Haiti like Williamson and Luly. Your generosity is changing this statistic!  Each child that is sponsored now has the ability to learn to read and write, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. AWESOME!

The end of the school year in Haiti looks very much like you might expect. Students are enjoying year-end celebrations and field-trips to other areas of Haiti. The students are also preparing for their fourth and final exam for the school year. Once school is out, you will find children out playing soccer, jumping rope, flying kites and playing marbles. They will be helping with chores like hauling water or carrying goods from the market. Some students will be heading to the cooler mountain areas to stay with family over the summer. Some will also have the opportunity to continue their learning through the WWV tutoring program. 



Imagine going to bed each night not knowing if rain will be coming in your pieced together tin roof, soaking you and your belongings that night. Imagine having nowhere to store your homework or sleeping on a dirt floor that becomes a mud floor in the rainy season. These are realities for many families in Haiti who sleep in homes constructed with tarps and pieced together tin. 

Knowing that a healthy home is a necessity for sustainable living, World Wide Village has partnered with American construction teams to train Haitian construction workers to build sturdy, long-lasting homes for families in Haiti. Three of our sponsored students from Williamson will now be enjoying summer vacation in their new home built by World Wide Village!  Sylvanie and her three sons were the most recent recipients of a new home where they can feel safe and secure and thrive. 

You are allowing families to be blessed in so many ways. Thank you!