Every parent worries when their child is sick. Yet the stakes are even higher in Haiti as 10 times more children under the age of five die in Haiti than in the U.S.

There are many factors that play into these statistics, but one is the inability of families in Haiti to seek medical care because the simply cannot afford it.

Jean Rene L’Amour and his wife have three young children. They have seen their children become ill and have felt helpless as they couldn’t provide the medical care they needed.

Jean Rene went to vocational school for welding. He enjoys his profession, but with the state of Haiti over the last two years he often struggles to find work. Without a regular paycheck he cannot always provide for his children.


Thanks to your generosity, Jean and his family received the gift of goats and a new vocation!


“It was God’s grace come down,” he said about receiving goats. “Raising goats can help me above all else when the kids are sick.”


Goats are like a four-legged savings account. If one of Jean Rene’s children is sick and needs medical care, he can sell a goat to receive money to pay for a trip to the hospital. What peace of mind this provides a loving father in Haiti, as he seeks the best for his children.


Thank you for building up families in Haiti through the gift of goats!