This is Maccedoine, a 50-year-old mother to five children here in Williamson. Over the summer, Maccedoine came into the WWV Medical Center complaining of a severe headache. As our nurses began to examine her, they discovered that she was dangerously hypertensive. “A few weeks ago, life was very difficult for me,” she said. “I was in a lot of pain; I was suffering.”

Our WWV nurses immediately started working with Maccedoine to get her involved in our hypertension program. Each week, Maccedoine receives a free blood pressure test, along with more information about lifestyle changes recommended for those with hypertension. In addition, she now has access to blood pressure medication at an affordable price.

Because Maccedoine was connected with the World Wide Village Medical Center, she is now able to have consistent, affordable access to medication to keep her blood pressure under control. This availability has opened a lot of doors for her and her future.

Pictured: Maccedoine with her two daugthers, sister and niece 


“I am feeling so much better,” said Maccedoine. “Before, I wasn’t able to do daily activities because of how much pain I was in. Now, I can get water at the well and cook dinner for my kids again. I want to start up my own business, too.”

Her favorite part of being a mother involves the everyday experience of taking care of her kids. “I feed my kids, I take them to school, I bring them to the doctor,” said Maccedoine. “That is my favorite part of being a mom, just being able to take care of them every day.”

Throughout this whole experience, Maccedoine consistently attributes her strength and resilience to her faith in God. “Every day that I am still alive, it becomes clearer how faithful God has been to me over the years. I used to be homeless, but God provided a way for me to pay rent and find a home. I used to be in pain, but God provided a way for me to find healing. God has showed up to help me in big ways when I have needed Him the most.”

Thank you for supporting healthcare in Haiti through World Wide Village.  It truly is making an impact for so many families in Haiti.