From the time she was a little girl, Caline grew up in an orphanage. “I’ve been in an orphanage my whole life,” she said. “I had a mom and dad, but they placed me in an orphanage because I would have access to education there. My parents wouldn’t have been able to afford education for me if I stayed at home.”

While difficult, God used Caline’s time at the orphanage to make her into who she is today. “We ate every day at the orphanage, and if I needed something I would ask and they would usually be able to get it for me,” said Caline. “I had close relationships with the adults and kids there, I could always talk to them and be mentored by them. I went to school all the way through high school, and that is where I learned English. They even taught me about Jesus, and what it looked like to live for Him.”

While the opportunities offered by the orphanage were a blessing, it came with its challenges. “My parents would come and visit me at the orphanage, but every time they would come I would cry because I missed them so much. So, they stopped coming,” said Caline. “I didn’t see them for five years.”

Caline has been working as a translator since she was 18, and was connected with World Wide Village several years ago. “This job with World Wide Village has helped me a lot,” said Caline. “It allows me to pay my bills, to take care of myself, to help out my parents. It is a blessing.”


Pictured: Caline and WWV staff members


Growing up in a Christian orphanage gave Caline the opportunity to learn about Jesus daily and to emerge as a leader within the church. “I was 16 when I fully accepted Christ, and then I was baptized when I was 18. I began serving at the church and leading Bible studies with the kids,” she said. “Throughout my life, God has done a lot of things for me, He has blessed me in a lot of ways.”

Most recently, Caline has started to serve with the World Wide Village young women’s Bible studies. She has a powerful testimony, and she is able to connect with the young women in our bible studies in fundamental ways. We love working with Caline, and we love the fresh, new ideas that she brings to our table!


Pictured: Young women’s Bible study


A special thanks to our members of the Cornerstone Club who make it possible to have wonderful Haitian staff like Caline!  Your ongoing monthly gifts allow Caline to continue leading Bible studies for young women and being a blessing in Haiti!  If you would like to learn more about helping build a strong foundation for God’s work in Haiti through World Wide Village, learn more about becoming a Cornerstone Club member today!