Everyone, meet Phito! He has been on staff with World Wide Village for about three years, and we commonly refer to him as “The Goat Whisperer.” He oversees all of our City on a Hill projects—this includes the medical center, the goats and the well. “I’m very grateful that WWV has trusted me and has allowed me to take care of their City on a Hill projects,” he said. “What World Wide Village is doing here in Williamson is helping a lot of people in many different ways.”

Phito credits the medical center as a one of the most important additions to this community. “Before the clinic, the people in Williamson would have to take their sick family members far away to be seen by a doctor or receive treatment. Paying for all of that transportation was too expensive, and most people couldn’t afford it,” said Phito. “Having a clinic here is very helpful, especially as it continues to grow.”

Growing up in a Christian home, Phito accepted Jesus when he was just 13 years old. “Sometimes, we ask God for something and He doesn’t give it to us right away,” he said. “I’m learning that we must have patience. We can’t rush past God.”

Phito is a faithful supporter of our missions here in Luly & Williamson. He has embraced our vision for these communities and emerged as a fundamental and dependable leader within our projects. “I’ve been praying for World Wide Village every day, and I ask that they continue to pray for me,” said Phito. “The most helpful thing that World Wide Village has been doing for us has been job creation. It allows me to provide for my family, and gives others in my community the same opportunity.”

Pictured: Phito and his son at the WWV well.



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