Santilus Jeanty & Gesnel Jeanlus live along the western coast of Haiti in the fishing village of Luly. Like many in Haiti, their families struggle with poverty. Yet just like the lyrics in Gesnel’s favorite song – “the poor are someone” – we believe that poverty should not take away their chance to learn and grow.



Santilus loves numbers and hopes to become an accountant someday.

Like many young girls in Haiti, she probably first learned to count playing her favorite game – jump rope!





Gesnel loves learning about machines and hopes to be a mechanic someday.

Imagine his curiosity when the well-drilling rig came to his village earlier this year to provide fresh water!

Many teenage boys in Luly gathered to watch the process and learn a little along the way.



Gesnel & Santilus share the same prayer… to do well in school and be able to finish high school. Yet every year they are not sponsored the more difficult this becomes.


The cost of attending school increases in Haiti as students get older. Tuition costs increase, books are more expensive, and families have to purchase twice the amount of material to sew uniforms for their growing teenagers! Because of these increased costs, less than 30% of students in Haiti are able to complete secondary school.


One sponsorship could change all of that for Santilus & Gesnel!  


For $32 per month you can sponsor one of these special teenagers and give them the gift of an education. Will you help?