Thanks to you, 16-year-old Rosemathe Joassine has a new start and a new smile! 


Over the last few years, Rosemathe has had very little to smile about. No teenager should have to go through the trials she has faced. When her home burned down two years ago, she and her family lost everything and were forced to leave their home in rural Haiti where they had lived for years.


Having lost everything, Rosemathe and her family moved to the hills above Williamson, Haiti. Rosemathe dropped out of school and put her dreams of graduating on hold. Then, as Rosemathe was starting to put her life back together, she unexpectedly lost both her mother and father in the span of just one year. Rosemathe and her older sister were left to care for themselves. Life was at an all-time low.


Yet God saw Rosemathe in her time of need and answered her prayers. Those answered prayers came through you!



Thanks to your generous support of World Wide Village, Rosemathe and her sister received a small business so they can better provide for themselves. Rosemathe now has a sponsor and is back in school. She received a new school uniform, shoes and books – everything she needs to be successful in school.


Thanks to your support of World Wide Village, Rosemathe received a new start and a new reason to smile!  We’re excited to see what 2022 has in store for Rosemathe and her sister as they begin the new year. Thank you for changing lives and sharing the love of Christ in Haiti.