While on a college campus recently, a quote etched into a wall made me stop and think. It read…

“There are no boundaries in education.”

I’ve also read similar inspiration from successful rocket scientist Natalie Panek who says, “Learning knows no boundaries. As long as you have patience, passion, and determination, you really can accomplish anything. Having no boundaries is the epitome of what it means to dream; having no boundaries means being bold, audacious, and willing to take risks.” 

This sounds exciting. The sky’s the limit. The possibilities are endless. You can accomplish anything with an education!

But then reality set in as I thought about the obstacles and hurdles that many children in Haiti must overcome in order to gain an education and really be able to dream and accomplish anything:

  • Lack of access to schools (especially secondary schools in rural areas)
  • Inability of most families to pay school tuition
  • Lack of qualified teachers
  • A cycle of illiteracy and poverty leading to a lack of early literacy skills
  • Necessity of older children to earn wages instead of attending school

The list of obstacles is long, but there is hope!  We are so thankful for so many of you who are World Wide Village student sponsors. Even though these children face many of the obstacles listed above, they are overcoming and succeeding in school! Thanks to you, they have the chance to accomplish something their parents never had the opportunity to achieve.

When you sponsor a child in Haiti you give help for today and hope for tomorrow.



My prayer is that someday, with your help, we will be able to honestly say that “there are no boundaries in education” for children in Haiti. If you want to be a part of making this a reality, consider sponsoring a child and supporting education in Haiti today! 




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