When the Greer Family first decided to sponsor a student from Haiti, they knew it was a wonderful opportunity to teach their daughter – Elyse – about generosity and God’s heart for the world.


Elyse started Kindergarten this year, and thanks to sponsorship, Isnady Jean Francois also started school in Haiti!


Just like Elyse, Isnady is learning to read, developing math skills and making new friends. Isnady says she loves learning to write the most!


Elyse first chose to sponsor Isandy from the World Wide Village website because she really liked her pink bows. A little girl’s love for pink bows spans across cultures!


Since then, Elyse has enjoyed praying for Isnady and picking special gifts to send to her new friend – like a sparkly pink dress!


Elyse says that sponsoring Isnady “makes me feel happy,” and thinks everyone should sponsor a child because there are many children in Haiti who “don’t have much and need help paying for school.”


Why sponsor a child? “It’s nice!”


We agree with Elyse. Sponsorship is nice, and it’s a wonderful way to show the love of Christ to those in need. Would you consider joining Elyse and her family in blessing a child in Haiti with an education? It doesn’t take a miracle… just $32 per month and YOU!