Welcome Home!



Thank you so much for serving on the ground in Haiti with World Wide Village. We were thrilled to have you join us in our mission of being the hands and feet of Christ! As you sit back and reflect over the week you spent in Haiti, we have a few questions we would like to ask you. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share with us about your week!

Team Survey

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Continuing the Mission


As a WWV team member, you have unique insights into the work of WWV and a valuable perspective about life in Haiti. Each step you take to stay involved builds upon your service in Haiti and expands its reach, enabling you to continue serving even after you return home. Here are some ways to stay involved and continue to serve.


*JUST FOR TEAM MEMBERS!  Take part in our Sponsorship Challenge and earn 10% off the cost of your next trip to Haiti for each new sponsor you help recruit! 1 new sponsor = $105 off; 2 new sponsors = $210 off, etc. We love this challenge because a child is blessed, a sponsor gets to be a blessing and you get to go back to Haiti!

The Haiti Hangover


Even though short-term missions work is amazing, some of us experience a letdown when we return to the United States. Whether you struggle with getting back to the daily grind, feel like there’s unfinished business in Haiti, or struggle with your own affluence after experiencing the poverty in Haiti, it can be difficult when you return home. We invite you to read some words of wisdom from an elder at one of our partner churches. He explores what God’s Word has to say about each of these issues. We hope this helps your adjustment go more smoothly!


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