Thanks to 24 incredible new sponsors from Church at Viera in Florida, students and their families in Haiti gathered for a Rewrite the Story Sponsorship Event! The event was held at the Armee du Salut church in Luly – a fishing village along the western coast of Haiti.


World Wide Village Haitian staff kicked off the evening by welcoming everyone to the event and praying for their time together. We wanted each student and their families and friends at the event to know that even though life in Haiti is difficult and filled with uncertainty, God still sees them and hears their prayers. Having the opportunity to celebrate together and choose a sponsor is just one example of God’s love!


Then the excitement grew as each student had the opportunity to choose a sponsor!


Each child drew a number from a hat to determine the order. When the student’s number was called they came forward to choose their very own sponsor.


Some students carefully looked over the photos while some knew right away who they wanted to choose. Such fun!


Pictured: Claudelson Therne choosing a sponsor. 

Once all 24 students had chosen a sponsor, everyone enjoyed snacks and drinks. It’s not a party without snacks!  Then each student was photographed and interviewed. A couple of our older students even volunteered to be interviewed on video!  Three schools from Luly were represented at this event so new friends and new memories were made by all.

The festivities then took a lively turn and continued with singing and dancing. “Move the rock, move the rock, move the rock. When God starts He will never finish!” are the lyrics from a favorite song of the students from Armee du Salut. Amen!



The event ended with a prayer thanking God for His provision and thanking God for sponsors who are willing to give of themselves in such a wonderful way. A special thanks to the 24 sponsors from Church at Viera who have chosen to generously give each month to provide a special student in Haiti with an education. It truly makes a difference. Mési anpil – many thanks!  


“The initiative that World Wide Village and the sponsors took to create this program and help the students and parents who are not able to afford school is fantastic. I feel very good because there are a lot of families in need.”



“This is the first time that I’ve come to an event like this. It’s a very, very good program. I love it very much. I feel very happy to have been invited.”

Pastor in Luly

“I think this is a great event. It made me feel good because we are here in Luly to serve people, and especially those who are in need. We are very happy and thankful for the sponsors who are helping us in this ministry.”


“I think what is going on is awesome and I really, really love it. I pray that the program is long-lasting and will continue on to help others.”