Altide Saint-George works as a cook for World Wide Village. She wakes very early in the morning to prepare school lunches for over a thousand students in the WWV schools. Your generosity provides for Altide’s salary, and her hard work provides delicious food for the students.


Altide is beyond grateful for a steady job as the last year has been extremely difficult. An unexpected illness, a death in the family, and gang violence causing the family to flee their home have all made life almost unbearable – both emotionally and financially.



Tragedies like these can crush a family in Haiti.
But Praise God that these tragedies did not crush Altide because she had someone to turn to for help – YOU! 


Thanks to your generosity, Altide has received help through emergency food packs, school sponsorship and the gifts of goats!


Altide’s oldest son, Jackenley, is sponsored and will finish high school this year! Her middle child, Martine, is also sponsored and in 7th grade. Your ongoing gifts are blessing this family in so many ways. When you give to World Wide Village you are truly changing lives!