You are sponsoring a child.  Fantastic!  Welcome to the World Wide Village family.  You are on a journey that we believe will significantly change the life of a child in Haiti and your own. Sponsoring a child provides help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity.

Here are 15 resources that every sponsor should know about!



STOP! If you are a first-time sponsor, stop and check for an e-mail from Pure Charity, our payment processor. In this e-mail you will be able to follow a link to create an account. It’s important to do this right away because once you create an account, you will be able to access information on your student right in your online account!  Setting up an account also makes it easy to update your payment information and helps keep your account secure. *Note: Your account will require a 10-character password. Thanks!  


1. Frequently Asked Questions


Will I receive updates on my sponsored student? 

So glad you asked!  The first thing you should do after sponsoring a child through World Wide Village is to confirm your profile on our website. You should receive an e-mail from Pure Charity – our payment processor – where you can follow a link to set up your account. From this account you will have access to information on your special student. You will receive a yearly photo and other updates periodically throughout the year, as well.

Does the money I give go directly to my sponsored child?

No. Your donation of $32 per month is used alongside other sponsors to provide for teachers’ salaries, hot school lunches, basic school supplies, training for teachers and maintenance of the school facilities. Your donation does enable your sponsored child to attend school without paying tuition.

Is my student’s family responsible for any costs?

Yes. Families are responsible for providing a school uniform and books for their child. World Wide Village occasionally covers this cost for families most in need. If you would like to cover the additional cost of a uniform for your sponsored student, you might consider donating an additional gift of $60 to help provide a school uniform, backpack and shoes. Simply give to the general fund and indicate your sponsored child’s name when you check out.

2. Sending Letters & Gifts


While regular correspondence between the United States and Haiti is sometimes difficult, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to be an encouragement to your student. You may e-mail letters and photos to Kim Anderson at Need ideas for what to include in a letter to your sponsored student? Check out this blog article for some fun tips:

You may also send small gifts (valued at $20 or less which fit in a large padded envelope) to the following address:

World Wide Village, c/o Pat Mortensen, 3810 Murrell Rd. #303, Melbourne, Florida 32955

Need some gift ideas?  Here’s a short list of gift ideas for students in Haiti: small doll, soccer ball with travel pump, jump rope, school supplies such as notebooks and pens, coloring books and crayons, matchbox cars, backpack, summer dresses or shirts and shorts, personal items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and washcloth. 




3Who We Are & What We Do

World Wide Village is a non-profit organization that seeks to equip and support families and local churches of Haiti by creating sustainable communities through education, healthcare, housing, and agriculture while sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. World Wide Village:

  • Provides education to nearly 1,000 children in five schools in Haiti.
  • Offers medical care in rural villages of Haiti through a newly constructed permanent medical center and public health initiatives.
  • Builds sustainability through agriculture and other entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Partners with local churches to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


4. Where We Work

We work exclusively in Haiti, the small country that borders the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. Our work is currently focused in the rural villages of Williamson and Luly. These villages are 30 miles north of the capital city of Port-au-Prince, right along the western coast.

5. The History of World Wide Village

In 2006, Randy & Pat Mortensen traveled to Haiti and experienced the poverty and beauty of the Haitian people up close and personal. Along with a group of entrepreneurs from Minnesota, they pledged to support Haitian families with funding, resources, expertise and a Biblical approach to address poverty, health, education and spiritual needs.

From 2006-2010 World Wide Village partnered with local Haitian leaders to begin the process of helping build sustainable communities. Education is the cornerstone of building these communities, so with the help of faithful supporters, World Wide Village assisted two pastors in building new schools in the rural villages of Williamson & Luly, Haiti. During this time, World Wide Village also saw a substantial need for better housing. Since 2006, WWV has assisted in building over 55 homes for families in Haiti.

Then on January 12, 2010, tragedy struck. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit near the capital of Haiti. Upward of 300,000 Haitians were killed during the earthquake as pre-existing poverty and poor housing conditions exacerbated the devastating effects.  World Wide Village responded to this crisis by meeting the immediate needs of the people by providing thousands of Haitians with emergency medical care, food and clean drinking water.

As the immediate needs of the earthquake passed, it was possible for WWV and the leaders of Williamson and Luly to resume working toward the development of sustainable communities once more. These efforts included working closely with the Haitian pastors and community leaders to discuss their needs, their resources and their goals for their communities. These discussions have led to continued progress in healthcare, education, agriculture, economic enrichment and spiritual development.

World Wide Village envisions a time when education will be widespread in Haiti, healthcare will be available to all, and faith in Jesus Christ will be a catalyst for the reestablishment of the family unit, healthy children, and economic stability.



6. WWV E-Newsletter & Blog

As a World Wide Village sponsor, you will receive monthly e-newsletters to help you stay informed. The e-newsletters are a wonderful way to keep up-to-date with important happenings in the community where your child lives. You can hear inspiring stories about the people being helped by gifts like yours, read updates on other World Wide Village projects or learn something new about Haitian culture. Miss a month? Just visit our blog to catch up!


7. Follow Us!

Are you on FacebookInstagram or Twitter? Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media channel to stay connected!  There is also a Facebook group just for you.  Join the “World Wide Village – Amazing Student Sponsors” group for special updates.


8. Pray for Haiti

We believe in the power of prayer. Each Friday morning the Haitian believers in Williamson gather on a hill above their community to pray for their village and their nation. Join us on Facebook each Friday morning where we share a specific prayer request so you can join with your Haitian brothers and sisters in prayer.



9. Impact Trip

You can travel to Haiti to meet the child you sponsor! There is nothing like spending the day with the child you have been praying for and supporting through sponsorship. It’s amazing to develop a special relationship with the child that you sponsor. We guarantee it will be a highlight for both you and your student!  Learn more about Impact Teams in Haiti with World Wide Village.



10. Donate

You can donate to God’s work in Haiti anytime during the year. If you want to do even more for your sponsored student’s community, you can donate to the general fund to give the gift of goats, provide Bibles for the local church or employ a single Haitian mother. Give to the healthcare fund to provide cervical cancer screening, maternal care and more.

11. Shop to Give

Do you shop on Amazon? Your purchases on Amazon can give back to World Wide Village through the Amazon Smile Program.

Visit One Mission online to shop for unique tees, Haitian-made jewelry and bags, candles, custom canvas prints, notecards and more! 40% of each purchase goes toward God’s work in Haiti through World Wide Village!



12. WWV Ambassador Program

Are you feeling called to be a light for the people of Haiti? Become a World Wide Village Ambassador and participate in activities throughout the year where you can use your skills and gifts to do more.


13. Student Sponsorship Challenge

Do you want to do more to help children in need in Haiti?  Share about the WWV Student Sponsorship Program with family and friends! Spreading the word about the needs of children in Haiti is one of the best ways to continue blessing the children there.  Plus, for each new sponsor you recruit you will receive 10% off the cost of an Impact Trip to Haiti to visit your sponsored student! That’s a WIN-WIN!  Contact Kim Anderson at to get started.

14. #GivingTuesday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and #GivingTuesday. This is one day of the year where World Wide Village supporters come together to raise funds to meet critical needs of children and families living in extreme poverty in Haiti. Stay tuned for ways to help this year on #GivingTuesday!


15. Sponsorship Sunday

Ready to share about your sponsorship journey with your church family? Sponsorship Sundays are a fantastic way to engage your local church and encourage them to be a part of blessing those in Haiti. We can provide you with resources to help you share your heart about sponsorship with your church family. Contact Kim Anderson at for more resources.

That’s it! Please let us know if you have any questions about being a sponsor and we would love to help you. Now don’t forget to confirm your profile and get started learning more about your sponsored student!  

World Wide Village, Inc. is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization:

403 Jackson Street, Suite 308
Minneapolis, MN 55303
Phone: (651) 777-6908

3810 Murrell Rd, #303
Rockledge, FL 32955
Phone: (321) 735-8574

Supporter Resources:


Other Ways to Help:


  • Shop AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate a portion to World Wide Village.
  • Shop One Mission and 40% of your purchase will support World Wide Village.