Frequently Asked Questions:


Why should I sponsor a child?

The need for education in Haiti is staggering, as nearly half of all school-age children do not have the opportunity to attend school. Sponsoring a child is a powerful way you can fight poverty and share the love of Jesus Christ.

How does sponsorship work?

Does the money go directly to my sponsored child?

No. Your donation of $38 per month is used alongside other sponsors to provide for teachers’ salaries, hot school lunches, basic school supplies, training for teachers and maintenance of the school facilities. Your donation enables your sponsored child to attend school without paying tuition.

Is my student’s family responsible for any costs?

Yes. Families are responsible for providing a school uniform and books for their child. World Wide Village believes it is important for families to be invested in their child’s education, but will occasionally cover this cost for families most in need.

How should I pay for my sponsorship?

Monthly credit card payments and automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account are both options for paying for a student sponsorship through World Wide Village. Learn more about how to set up payments from your bank account on our PAYMENT OPTIONS page.

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