“Which students are most in need?” This is a question we often hear from potential sponsors as they click through photographs of students waiting for a sponsor.

This is also the same question I asked the school administrator from The Good Samaritan School in Luly, Haiti. His answer? “Most of the students in my school are deeply in need.” But he did give a list of students whose families are really struggling with poverty right now and we want to share that list with you.

For only $32 per month, you can bless a child in Haiti with an education and a brighter future! When you sponsor a child, you give help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity.



Lemps (age 3)

Lemps has been sponsored!

Djorry (age 2)

Djorry’s father sells goods in the market but struggles to make ends meet.

Dieudena (age 2)

Dieudena has been sponsored!

Akim (age 2)

Akim has been sponsored!

Marie Louisca (age 4)

A sponsorship would give Marie Louisca a head start by being able to attend preschool!

Amara (age 2)

Amara has been sponsored!

Woobens (age 2)

You can change Woobens’ life by sponsoring his preschool education!

Leicha (age 4)

Leicha has been sponsored!

Sabiana (age 3)

Sabiana loves school in her small rural village of Haiti but needs your help!

Sadrac (age 5)

Sadrac has been sponsored!