Pictured: Anel Aristil


Teach a man to fish… or more specifically… teach a man to weld! Promoting education and development in Haiti has always been a focus of World Wide Village and your generosity is helping make that happen! Anel Aristil – the WWV Construction Project Manager in Haiti – recently started welding school to gain new skills.


Anel is attending welding school at Extollo International, an organization that lives by the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for a life-time.”


World Wide Village is partnering with Extollo in “unleashing Haiti’s potential to build a stronger future by training a construction workforce of character and capability, while adding strength and safety to Haiti’s infrastructure.” – Extollo


*Photo credit: Adam Jon Aten


Anel is a perfect fit for this wonderful vocational training program as he is a man who follows Christ and his character shows it. Anel is also very capable and leads the World Wide Village construction teams well.


Not only will Anel develop new skills in welding so that he can continue to lead the World Wide Village construction crew, he will also learn to train others in welding, a very profitable skill in Haiti.


Extollo believes that “the Haitian people are the solution to Haiti’s problems, particularly those who have the skills and character to build a stronger Haiti for all.” We agree and are excited to partner with them in continuing to build a stronger Haiti through vocational training!



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